My Weekend

I’ve had a lovely weekend.  Started with buying these ranunculus on Friday and adding them to the gerberas from last week. Such a cheery display.On Saturday I went up to see Ma Kettle to deliver her new jumper – another finish for 17in17!So pleased with how this has turned out.  It’s a perfect fit for Mum and she’s delighted with it.  She didn’t want to take it off after trying it on, so she wore it out for our lunch and said it was toasty warm!

Before luncheon-ing we went to the Bendigo Woollen Mills so Mum could choose wool and a pattern for next year’s jumper.  We had a lovely lunch, a good natter, did a food shop for her, sorted a few things, then I headed home.  I listened to Simply Red’s “Blue” CD all the way home, singing away at the top of my lungs.

On Sunday I cleaned up the knitting bag, clearing out the paraphernalia from Mum’s jumper and sorting out the requirements for the new one; just look at the colour of this yarn.  Can’t wait to get started, but I also have some yarn and a pattern for a cardi for myself that I’d like to begin.

I also made a scrappy  binding and sewed it onto “Steampunk” – yes, it’s been sent to and is back from the quilter already!  Just need to hand stitch it down now.Feeling in an experimental mood (the result of viewing more cooking shows), I made gnocchi and teamed it with a mushroom sauce.  Yummmm!!  Might not look the best here in the just-made-not-yet-cooked stage, but it tasted great – we’ll be having that again!

And yesterday was FIL’s 94th birthday, so we took him out for lunch on a spectacular Melbourne day – felt more like Spring than the last part of Winter.  Brilliant sunshine and so mild.  The Golfer took FIL for a hair cut first, and he wanted coffee at his favourite cafe after lunch so he was pretty worn out by the time we took him back, but he’d had a lovely time.  (And the home had a cake for him which they showed us – such a treat!)

So all in all, very productive and very enjoyable.  How about You?  Did you have a nice weekend too?  What did you get up to?  I’d love to hear about it.

Meredithe x

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10 Responses to My Weekend

  1. Helen F says:

    Love the jumper model!!!! You have been busy M!!

  2. Deb says:

    What a beautiful jumper and modelled so stylishly. I particularly like the pattern where the cables go along the sleeve decrease. Very nifty.

  3. Kyle says:

    Your mom looks adorable.

  4. Jenny M says:

    Love those cables & love the next pattern your Mum has decided on. I look forward to seeing a photo of your steam punk quilt when it’s finished.

  5. Cécile says:

    What a beautiful jumper and your mom looks like a model !
    It was the end of the summer holidays for us so we drove back to home …. that’s life ! 🙂

  6. frayedattheedge says:

    Ma’s jumper is super – and will be even more special to her because you knitted it for her! Steam Punk and the gnocchi look good. Belated best wishes to the birthday boy! We have been watching a super cookery programme with Nadiya, who won Bake Off two years ago – I hope it gets shown over there, you will enjoy it!!

  7. What a great weekend. And what a lovely, lovely jumper…

  8. What a beautiful sweater! How sweet to make one for your Mum each year. I love the colors for next year’s as well. Enjoy your beautiful flowers.

  9. Hilda says:

    Wonderful post Meredithe! Love the jumper – reminds me of all the knitting (and sewing) I used to do for my mum (sadly long gone) – she loved it all and it was such a privilege for me to do. What a nice weekend. My weekend was fun with a special guest for a few days – my daughter’s big, bouncy labrador – lots of energetic play required!

  10. Gail Davis says:

    Well done on another finish for the year! The jumper looks great and fits well. Love the yarn you have chosen for the next one too! Nothing like a spot of knitting on a winters evening, is there??!!

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