A very Sewjourn weekend – part 1

The Venue

This time last week a group of us were making our way up to Sewjourn for a weekend of sewing, fun, food and laughter, visiting a couple of shops there and back.We’ve been trying to work it out; it must be around 10 years that we’ve been going away together for a Winter Weekend……and still lovin’ it!It is Winter and last weekend was expected to be very cold, which indeed it was, but we were warm and cosy in the studio during the day, and equally so in front of the fire in the house at night stitching and watching movies.  The mornings were sub-zero with frost covering the ground and I’m afraid I didn’t go out to get pics of that for you – far too nippy out there even for me.  I did think about the sound and feel of how the ice would crunch under my boots……from the comfort of my warm bed!On Saturday afternoon we were surprised to find that from the two windows in the wall of the studio we could see sunshine from the left window and rain from the one on the right!  Strange indeed!We didn’t venture far, just to the pub for dinner on Friday night, happy to stay ensconced with our stitching, and food……more of which tomorrow……

Meredithe x

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3 Responses to A very Sewjourn weekend – part 1

  1. frayedattheedge says:

    Malcolm was quite concerned when I started crying, weeping and wailing …….. but then just shrugged when he realised that it was because you were there and I wasn’t with you!! (were you propositioned in the pub??!!)
    Have a great weekend, big, big hugs, Anne xoxo

  2. There are few things quite so pleasing as hearing footfalls in the frost when you’re tucked up nice and warm! Lucky you!

  3. Carole Minihan says:

    Hope you had your nice woolly socks all ready for this little adventure and a nice warm drink with a wine chaser, regards from Lisbon

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