Saturday was Squealers, hosted by Helen.  We were just a little group, but we brought along yummy goodies for afternoon teaand lots of stitching.  Karen was working on another of her basket blocksMaree has started joining her blocks together for “Emma MaryAndrea has more of her applique doneMiss E started making Drunkards Path blocks for a new quiltHelen worked her crochet hook – this is actually bright yellow and black, for one of the grandchildren in their favourite footy team coloursand I was binding my “Wallander” quiltMeredithe x

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6 Responses to Squealers

  1. frayedattheedge says:

    I love how you put the food first!! I have started pestering Malcolm about visiting you next year!!

  2. karenfae says:

    always love seeing hand work and so nice to see the food too LOL – when I went to a quilt group – no more none worked for me- I was always disappointed that there was no social aspect of sitting with tea or coffee and some snacks while we worked and chatted. I brought it up several times of what a nice addition it would be to the meeting and too many said they were watching their weight and didn’t want it around 😦

  3. Mouthwatering – both food and fabrics!

  4. Makes me want to do my baskets – if I ever get my hands going – with fusible and button hole stitch. The first quilt I made was fusible applique with button hole stitching!

  5. Glad you had a great day.
    Catch up soon xxxx

  6. Sherrill says:

    Enjoy checking in on your blog, very comfortable place to land, just wish I were not an ocean away. That said, would you mind asking Helen what crochet pattern she is using with the item she is working on. I’ve not crocheted in years and that stitch looks very tempting. Thank you.

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