Class show and tell

I’m back!  I had an extended break over Easter, and now there’s lots to catch you up on.  The first is the class before Easter……..


And as it was just before Easter we had hot cross buns (raspberry and white chocolate!)and Denise made delicious apricot and almond biscuits (biscotti?)I helped Sue choose her backgrounds/bordersand she stitched more centres into her blocksBeth cut some of her background piecesCarole worked on more blocksas did Denise…….who did a little shopping too!Afternoon

Linda stayed all day, and she chose a backing for her cot quilt, which has the start of the final borders on ittogether we chose the “joiners” for this version of DWR and Linda tried them outand she worked on more of her “Welsh Quilt” blocksFernanda finished putting on the final borders for her quiltand started a woolly bits cushionHelen and I laid out her blocks onto her background fabric and she started appliqueing the pieces onto itand Jane almost has another row of her DWR ready to go onoh yes, we had Easter eggs too, in anticipation of Easter Sunday.

Meredithe x

This class is held at Sewn and Quilted

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5 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. No wonder patchworkers eat so much – all those colours are so delicious it must be appetite-enhancing!

  2. treadlemusic says:

    Now that’s a hot-crossed-bun version I could luv!!!!! The piecing progress is so sweet and definitely takes me back to a simpler time. Thanks so much for sharing ………….. and welcome back! Hugs…

  3. frayedattheedge says:

    Lots of lovely work = of course I like the woolly bits best!!

  4. Judy says:

    The Carousel quilt you are all working on is fabulous. I have a different favorite every time you post. Love all the background choices, beautiful work and such yummy tea time treats. Still stitching little units for the Chapman Coverlet, those are some tiny little buggers, but going to love the results. Hope you had a beautiful Easter.

  5. Julie says:

    You are all so productive! Lots of lovely projects on the go.

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