Now I am 3

No, no, not me!  Our Poppet turned three last week, and what does a sewing Auntie (and non-sewing Uncle) give to their 3 year old niece?Why, a sewing box of course!  (Get ’em in early, I say!)with a hand knitted beanie (which, regrettably was too small, but has since grown) and some fat 1/16th rolls, which Poppet was fascinated by and called Treasure Maps (they’re having a pirate theme at Day Care at the moment)!Nanna (Ma Kettle), Uncle Golfer, and Auntie MJ (yours truly) had to visit Poppet’s room to see her fairy stickersand admire her fairy dresses, one of which was to be worn the next day at her Fairy PartyThis first one was the favourite, but her Mummy and I like this second one which comes complete with rosette band for her hair and fairy wings.  Just gorgeous!Then we had to see her perform on the new trampoline.   Auntie MJ couldn’t resist and despite the tight fit getting between the netting  into the trampoline (not a pretty sight!) I had a ball!!  Can’t remember the last time I jumped on a trampoline – and thankfully there’s no photographic evidence.

Our Poppet is quite the artist too, with her artworks displayed on the wallsand these ones she painted with her Mummy Then Nanna had to do some reading with Poppet, and these are her Daddy’s books from when he was little.  Still in vogue.Oh, the joys of being a fairyand three!Meredithe x

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15 Responses to Now I am 3

  1. blackeyedsewsan says:

    OF COURSE she liked #1 and of COURSE you liked #2….so easy to figure out from a distance. Grammie (Susan) in Hingham MA

  2. How absolutely wonderful. I had every book that you photographed in my bookshelf and loved them all The Best Nest I read a million times

  3. Love the displayed art work 💞

  4. That cake looks amazing!

  5. frayedattheedge says:

    I can’t believe she is 3!!!! I remember your beloved Pa showing me her baby photos with so much love in his eyes for his beautiful granddaughter (now I have tears in my eyes). Do you think they do fairy dresses in our sizes, then we could have fairy parties, with lots of sparkle and glitter! Perhaps Malcolm will let me put fairy stickers on my wardrobe door? I know I have a pattern in a magazine somewhere with all sorts of fairy doors – I must see if I can find it.

  6. Oh fortunate Poppet – and what a wonderful excuse for a family frolic!

  7. helen f says:

    I have been waiting for photos of the day – hope to see more saturday!! (2 more sleeps!!!)

  8. Glenda says:

    How gorgeous!! So many memories with your little fairy!! Xx

  9. Linda Dutch says:

    Lovely photos! Gorgeous dresses, both of them. And we have 3 of those same books too, from when our children were young.

  10. Lesley Coleman says:

    Complete fantasy…………… how wonderful.

  11. Wow, such lovely dresses!

  12. omg!! the cake is very big! Beautiful artworks!!!

  13. Marian says:

    WOW three already! I do love that little sewing case.. i hope she follows in auntie M’s footsteps 🙂

  14. thimbleanna says:

    Oh My! How can your little poppet be THREE already? A fairy party sounds perfect — and I’d sure have loved to have been on the trampoline with you LOL!

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