Visiting David Hockney

Last week The Golfer and I hopped the train into the city, stopping first at Roozervelts for one of their famous burgers with the lotthen down to the NGV for the David Hockney exhibition.  I knew very little of this artist, and The Golfer nothing but we both really enjoyed it (I was a tad afeared The Golfer would not like it at all, but he was as intrigued as I).  It was a very viewer friendly showing of David Hockney’s more current works; he’s recently discovered a drawing/painting app and there were interactive iPads, iPhones and HUGE computer panels some of which showed paintings being “painted”.  It was fascinating seeing how a blank canvas became a work of art; just when you thought it was done, more highlights and tiny details were added.  David Hockney’s use of colour was amazing and what most interested me; depths of green, bright hues, touches of yellow or black or white to highlight or contrast.  A passionate artist, David paints every day, and seemingly anything – just a sample of the diversity of subject matter.And a couple of my favouritesAfter walking around twice, we headed out into Autumn sunshine crossing the Yarra River to the stationand heading home again, my head filled with colour and form and images.

Meredithe x

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3 Responses to Visiting David Hockney

  1. Wasn’t it a great exhibition? I’m not a big fan of his ‘normal’ paintings but his iPad series just blew me away. So many details and processes to see up close. Amazing. (ps. I am going to try that burger restaurant you recommended!)

  2. Linda says:

    We went to a fabulous David Hockney exhibition in London last year. All portraits made the same size with the same colour backgrounds, the sitter in the same chair etc. The artist had painted each portrait for the same amount of time. Absolutely incredible. Your fellow countryman Barry Humphries was one of the people Hockney had painted. Marvellous likeness!

  3. I went to a Hockney exhibition in London a couple of years ago, and was astonished by just how much I liked it. And furthermore, by how much I started seeing his colours in the landscape as I drove to my parents’ house the next day…

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