More class show and tell

Back at my weekly job at Sewn and Quilted……..


Carole has gone a little suffolk puff crazy!09-dscn5833and nearly has another block finished11-dscn5841Marilyn now has two blocks completed and she’s working on sections of others10-dscn5834During the week Jo made up the little stars for her “Farmer’s Daughter” quilt08-dscn5832but that’s gone on the back burner now as she’s joining the others making “Carousel” and cutting lots of blades14-dscn5844Denise brought in an oldie but a goodie for some advice07-dscn5830and she is cutting these gorgeous fabrics for “Carousel”12-dscn5842 and Sue E too was cutting, cutting, cutting13-dscn5843Afternoon

Carilyn stayed all day making hexagons sets23-dscn5854all to be joined into this border15-dscn5845Lyn stayed all day too, diligently blanket stitching her blocks (we think she’s just over a quarter of the way there)22-dscn5853Helen has finished off two blocks16-dscn5847and all these hexies for her quilt18-dscn5849Jane is valiantly stitching her Double Wedding Ring21-dscn5852Linda is making good progress with her Clam Shell quilt20-dscn5851Theresa finished her first ever hand pieced block!  (Look at those corners!!)19-dscn5850and Fernanda laid out her blocks and we filled in the “blanks” – but you’ll have to wait to see that!17-dscn5848Meredithe x

This class is held at Sewn and Quilted

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7 Responses to More class show and tell

  1. Linda Dutch says:

    Lots of class progress! Love Denise’s floral on top of her pile for her “Carousel”, Liberty?

  2. frayedattheedge says:

    Lots of super projects – and some fabulous fabrics!

  3. Annie Gunn says:

    Hi Meredithe, fantastic work by everyone again as usual. Is Jo’s Farmers Daughter the Jen Kingwell one? Just looked it up and think I would like to do that one too. Maybe one of the 18 for 2018! Ouch did I really just say that?

  4. Cécile says:

    All the projects are so beautiful ! They sparkle with these fabrics !
    Congratulations to all the ladies !

  5. All that cutting would drive me mad! I’m so impressed with your ladies!

  6. Mirjam Hesseling says:

    I Googled The Farmer’s Daughter quilt by Jen Kingwell. What a beautiful quilt. I put this on my WIM-list (wil ik maken lijst – Do I want to make list).

  7. audrey says:

    So much goodness!!

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