A few days of sewing

I’m bundling a couple of events together again!

Friday Sewing
Karen hosted Friday sewing last week, with her trademark sandwiches for lunch – why do Karen’s sandwiches always taste soooo good?30-dscn5773and a little something for afters too32-dscn5776Maree was working on her hexies29-dscn5772Miss S joined us for a short time, and is madly stitching larger hexies31-dscn5774I was working on “Saigon” (which you’ve now all seen)33-dscn5777and Karen was indulging in a little applique34-dscn5778Karen’s Mum crochets these adorable little rugs – this one is doll size, and oh, so sweet, and destined for a special little girl for her birthday.35-dscn5779

Stitch Sister
Saturday was Stitch Sisters’ sewing day and Sue was our hostess. Sue’s table was adorned with a very special supper cloth embroidered by her Nanna36-dscn5780 with a matching tray table cloth, all stitched when Nanna, as a young woman long before she became a nanna, announced her engagement37-dscn5781Sue’s Mum had these in a cupboard and asked if Sue would like to have them. No need to ask twice!

Sue’s home is decorated with her beautiful work38-dscn5782


40-dscn5784Food wise we had a choice of savoury41-dscn5785or sweet43-dscn5787 and this is what a plate with a little of each looks like!50-dscn5796There have been some birthdays recently too, so Sue had spoilt us with birthday cake, complete with candles (which didn’t give away the recipients’ ages) and had to be lit and blown out twice!51-dscn5798

Sue has started a whole cloth quilt of her own design42-dscn5786so keen to see this one progress! And Sue put out the blocks she’s making for a friend’s quilt44-dscn5788
Maree was again working on her hexies48-dscn5793
Kaye was busy binding46-dscn5791and had brought along her borders for “Civil War Bride” done in Kaye-style (a slight variation on the original!)45-dscn5790Helen was doing beautiful embroidery47-dscn5792Karen was filling in the gaps on her large hexie quilt49-dscn5795and you know I was working on “Saigon”!

Meredithe x

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8 Responses to A few days of sewing

  1. Annie Gunn says:

    Wow & more Wow! Well done ladies, some great work by all of you. The food didn’t look too bad either.

  2. Karen Goad says:

    just love all the hand work you show!!

  3. frayedattheedge says:

    I don’t know which is more delicious – the food or all the beautiful projects (especially Helen’s embroidery!!)

  4. Ageeth Dorsman says:

    What wonderful work you are showing here; must be so inspiring to meet with these girls. And this embroidered tablecloth would make a stunning quiltdesign!

  5. You’ve all been getting so much done!

  6. Barb Vedder says:

    what an inspiring post. so much great food and projects.

  7. Chookyblue says:

    Always gorgeous projects on the go……..

  8. BonnieB says:

    LOVE the Civil War Bride’s border! I pinned it. 😎

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