January Sewjourn – Part 2

The creativity over the weekend was amazing.  I only knew 2 of the 7 other ladies, so it was great to see what they were doing, as well as making new friends!  Would you like to see?  Thought you might!

Maree brought along her “Double Wedding Ring”

01-dscn5441and with it up on the design wall, she place the joining 4-patch blocks02-dscn5442She diligently stitched away44-dscn5499and by the end of the weekend, she was ready to place the side and corner pieces53-dscn5515Maree also whipped up this wrap around skirt (in less than no time, I’m telling you!)39-dscn5493Andrea worked on several things, firstly hemming a table cloth and making new padded chair covers10-dscn5453she stitched more of her collage43-dscn5498and on the design wall, played with triangles52-dscn5512There was a bit of “cover” envy too, when Andrea produced these03-dscn5443Carol could only stay one night, but in 24 hours she made three cushions, all with invisible zips07-dscn5448 08-dscn5449 20-dscn5467 25-dscn5476and given that she’d not put in an invisible zip before, a wonderful challenge to complete!

Cheryl is planning a quilt for her husband based on landmarks of his home town, and she’s starting by drawing them all from photos she’s taken – a massive undertaking09-dscn5450and Cheryl and I had a bit of fun, with me showing her the basics of crochet30-dscn5482and, by George, she’s got it!38-dscn5492Ellen made this dress35-dscn5488(which, partially made the first day, served as the nightie she forgot to bring!) and then was well on the way to finishing another (which I forgot to photograph), combining two patterns – so clever45-dscn5500Donna hemmed this skirt

04-dscn5444had a play with her “Double Wedding Ring” blocks05-dscn5446then put this quilt up on the design wall23-dscn5471adding pieces and trialing colours36-dscn5490stitching pieces and filling in gaps48-dscn5503and it was looking more complete by weekend’s end37-dscn5491Betty stitched on the binding for this charity quilt being made by her quilt group for breast cancer research21-dscn5468she hand quilted……with a little sustenance to hand!22-dscn5469then she stitched left over bits and scraps46-dscn5501into blocks47-dscn5502and before too long, a completed little quilt top51-dscn5510and I finished appliqueing the centre of my quilt14-dscn5459cut out masses of triangles (which I forgot to photograph), then I played with hexagons (yes, sustenance for this job definitely!)31-dscn5484then it was my turn at the design wall, and I put up my MSG quilt and placed all the “bits” I’ve been making 42-dscn5497There’s a few gaps, but I’ll get these appliqued in place then have another look.

So, weren’t we a creative bunch?  As you’ve probably guessed, quite a few of the ladies are dressmakers, and it was fascinating to see them go into action with the fitting of the dresses and skirts, and helping Cheryl alter a pair of pants.  So enjoyed watching the tweaking and seeing how and where they made the changes to get the fit.

Final bit tomorrow, Lovelies, see you then.

Meredithe x

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14 Responses to January Sewjourn – Part 2

  1. Pip says:

    A very industrious weekend was had by all. Love how your MSG quilt is shaping up, looking forward to seeing more of it as the weeks go by.

  2. audrey says:

    Your applique is still my favorite, but wowsers! Lots of creativity for sure!

  3. what fun to see this wide variety of sewing projects! : )

  4. Juliann says:

    Oh my! I need to find some friends for stitching time. Maybe that would get me going.

  5. What a lot of progress… and a whole lot of fun! Thanks for sharing.

  6. frayedattheedge says:

    Love your MSG ……. my book is packed away, and will go into storage, so mine will have to wait!!

  7. marshaseiberling says:

    Good golly!! You must have some massive time for sewing!!!

  8. Carole Minihan says:

    Fantastic creative group have fun

  9. curlyquilts says:

    Thanks for sharing all the projects. Wish I could find a group for a creative weekend

  10. Linda Dutch says:

    Lots of creative work happening, great to have a little peep! Love your MSG quilt!

  11. Jeanna says:

    Whoa! That is a ton of eye candy and talent. Such a creative weekend. It’s always nice to make new friends with similar interests.

  12. A very creative bunch indeed, reinvigorated at every turn by lovely colours and delicious food.

  13. Crickey…..you are all amazing….

  14. sewjourn says:

    I saw Maree’s gorgeous double wedding ring quilt tonight. And hope to see your lovely one soon too.

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