A little bit of Kaffe

Well, Lovely Peeps, we’re halfway through January.  How is your Substantial Progress progressing in this first month?

It’s going to be hot over the next couple of days so I thought I’d do some machine piecing.  This morning I dragged out #16 on The List (very pleased to be able to lay my hands on it straight away!) and discovered that it’s actually not a Big 9-Patch as quoted on my list but a Big Triangle Quilt!  (I knew that!!)

I also couldn’t remember how much needed to be done, and suspected it wasn’t much.16-dscn5419as it proved to be!  It only took moments to work out where I was up to and that it just needed a couple of blocks added to these rows and then these rows added on1-dscn5420Five seams and a decent press later…….17-dscn5421Ta-Da!!  All ready for the quilter.  Yes, I’m a bit partial to Kaffe too, and to a bit of linen!

(Why, oh why, was this not finished at the time??!!)

Meredithe x

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21 Responses to A little bit of Kaffe

  1. This is such a gorgeous, vibrant quilt top. Isn’t it crazy how we set aside stuff for months (i.e. years) when it just needs a few minutes more work?!

  2. Miss E says:

    Well done, M! What a beautiful, striking quilt top and how satisfying to have Finished It!

  3. Beautiful!! It always seems daunting at the time and easy later when you get back to it:)

  4. Annie Gunn says:

    Go girl! Bright, vibrant quilt top that I am sure you will find a use for. Thank you once again for inspiring us to delvie into our cupboards and finish off things. It is amazing how many projects we stash over the years! I am enjoying re-aqainting myself with some very old ones that I loved at the time and can now re-love as I finish them off. A

  5. Kyle says:

    That’s what I call progress!

  6. Oh dear. I’ll take my pics of my projects tonight

  7. Kelly Hamlyn-Harris says:

    Meredithe, there was probably something new and shiny that grabbed your attention. That happens to me all the time. I’m quite partial to Kaffe as well, but my fabrics sit untouched in the cupboard.

  8. Pamela says:

    Great finish! I have several thing that just need a bit of attention to finish and there they sit!

  9. Well done Meredithe. Keep up the good work and you’ll whizz thru your UFOs x

  10. I often ask myself that question too when a few hours work finally finishes something. I guess starts feel so much more exciting.

  11. Sophia says:

    It’s lovely 🤗

  12. I’m with Kelly – you probably got blindsided by a Great New Thought. Which in fact is what happened to me too…

  13. Cécile says:

    It’s going to be a gorgeous Kaffe quilt !! :))

  14. Jeanna says:

    Yay! Congratulations on this progress. What a beauty and quite cheerful.

  15. sewjourn says:

    Wow! One off the list. Well done. And it looks great.

  16. Helen F says:

    I remember this one!!! – one down……..

  17. Carole says:

    Woohoo! Congrats on finishing this visually striking top.

  18. frayedattheedge says:

    Is that the one that you started when we are at Sewjourn?

  19. Gail Davis says:

    Glad you’ve finished this little beauty off! Yes, I have also asked myself the same question, as to why my ufos are left lying listlessly in the almost finished state! This 17ufosin 2017 has certainly got me off to a good start too! Thanks for motivating us! 😉

  20. audrey says:

    Go you! Lovely to have a quick finish.:) And the colors are great!

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