Here & Now | January 2017

Towards the end of last year I started reading the delightful blog say little hen and each month Sarah does a lovely link called Here & Now.

This month I’ve finally timed it right to join in!  So here goes…….

Loving // Getting the washing out in the sunshine
Eating //  Lots of salads over these hot Summer days
Drinking //  Buckets of mineral water, ice cold from the fridge
Feeling //  Languid and lazy – still in holiday mode
Making //  The centre and blocks for “Saigon”
Thinking //  Of all the quilts/projects on my list for 17ufosin2017
Dreaming // Up new quilts – they just keep popping into my head!

Linking up with Sarah

Enjoy your day, dear Peeps!

Meredithe x

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5 Responses to Here & Now | January 2017

  1. I’m so exciting you have joined in this month Meredithe! I’ve added your link to the post for you 🙂
    The washing dries SO fast in this weather, doesn’t it? It’s so lovely to get them all crisp and fresh off the line.

    Sarah x

  2. Julie says:

    Sounds perfectly summery. I can never stop thinking about new quilting/epp projects either.

  3. An endless stream of inspiration, clearly!

  4. Laura (GiRL) says:

    Welcome to Here & Now, Meredithe! It’s so lovely to “meet” and catch-up with new people thrugh Sarah’s link-up. I’m off to explore your blog. 🙂

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