and a little bit of reading

I scored well in the book stakes at Christmas time, with The Golfer and MyDearFIL both giving me reading matter.4-dscn5271and the Sulari Gentill book I bought a while ago.  Thought it was the third in the series, but it’s number six, so I’ll have to hunt up the in-betweens before I read this one!  This is a great series, set in the 1930’s.  Rowland Sinclair is the black sheep of his wealthy grazier NSW family, an artist (of all things!) and amateur sleuth solving crimes in Sydney and rural NSW.

What are you reading at the moment?

Meredithe x

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13 Responses to and a little bit of reading

  1. Kelly Hamlyn-Harris says:

    I’m reading Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith. A little bit disturbing but a great story teller. I have at least another 30 books in the pile to be read. Range from light-hearted to murder mysteries. Rowland Sinclair sounds interesting though.

  2. Hello Meredithe

    I do hope you enjoy the Rowland Sinclair Mysteries. It’s nice to see A Murder Unmentioned in your reading pile even if you won’t get to it for a while. If you are looking for the third book, it’s called Miles Off Course. Happy New Year!

    Warm regards


  3. frayedattheedge says:

    I’m reading the first of an American police murder thingy called My Sister’s Grave – almost finished, there is a big twist in the end I didn’t see coming. Just had to check the Kindle to tell you it’s written by Robert Dugoni.
    Have a great weekend!! Anne xoxo

  4. I was given a huge and impressive book about Kimonos at Christmas, but I think I need to find a book rest to put it on, and read a few pages at the time. It’s much too heavy for a lap!

  5. Vreni says:

    When you wrote about Mrs. Amalia Peabody series a while ago it became almost an obsession as I couldn’t stop until I had read them all. Of course now I have to get the Sulari Gentill books too as they sound exactly like my cup of tea. Thanks for the tip!

  6. Fernanda says:

    I’m reading a Mother’s Confession by Kelly Rimmer – a story on domestic violence. Hard to put down

  7. Helen F says:

    Is he a bit like Miss Fisher mysteries?? I need a good series to get my teeth into!!!

  8. Pip says:

    I’m reading Abattoir Blues by Peter Robinson, quite enjoying it, will have to check out your books at our library.

  9. eileenkny says:

    I’ve been reading the Inspector Lynley series by Elizabeth George. I’m waiting for #18 from Amazon, so I’m reading “I Called Him Dancer” by G. Edward Snipes. The jury is still out, but I usually finish what I start.

  10. Carole Minihan says:

    Hi Meredithe, I am reading a borrowed Nora Roberts book called “The Search” just started. Finished alll ,my applique flowers for Annies Garden quilt border, thank god i was getting
    a bit tired of same old same old. Happy New Year to you and your family, ready to start new project asap

  11. Chookyblue says:

    Oh that sounds interesting…….. I only do taking books at the moment….. No time to read as I fall asleep to quick…….
    Just finished the sisterhood of the travelling pants by Ann brashares……
    Also jack and Harry beyond tomorrow .(2nd of two books) by Tony McKenzie.
    I use borrow box thru my library to loan the virtual audio books…….

  12. jenclair says:

    I always enjoy Val McDermid. Have never read anything by Sulari Gentil, but love finding a new-to-me author in one of my favorite genres!

  13. Helen F says:

    M – I ordered the first 3 of Sulari Gentill books – looked up her website / blog she looks fabulous so I hope I get hooked!!!

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