A little bit of stitching………

I’ve been having a ball with my new “Saigon” template.  I spent a day before Christmas cutting out and sorting into groups, then I’ve been stitching blocks since.10-dscn5251(yes they’re in need of a good press!)11-dscn5252They go together so quickly, and are such fun to make.  I’ve also made a start on the centreThere are some plans for how they’ll work in a quilt……..just hoping what’s looking good in my head looks good in reality!  (Yes, it’s on the 17 UFO’s list!)

Meredithe x

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15 Responses to A little bit of stitching………

  1. Carrolyn V says:

    So pretty and nice……is that one of your templates? I am getting an order ready from Sewn and Quilted

  2. Annie Gunn says:

    Love ‘Saigon’ Meredithe. Clever chickie aren’t you? I can definitely find a need for that template……

  3. Jeanna says:

    Those are very interesting blocks. I love the colors. This looks like a cheerful UFO.

  4. Jan says:

    It’s looking great in reality so far!! Is this your first of the 17 UFOs?

  5. glendajean says:

    What I like so much about this block Meredith is that white frame separates many of the fabrics and gives them all there own space and you can see the lovely pieces of fabric instead of them all bleeding in to one large piece of fabric. A stunning wee block thanks for sharing it. I always try to sew a seam on a wee 2inch patch each time I stop sewing as my starter it uses up so many scraps this way, I think I will try seeing how they would look in a white frame, my last 16sqaure blocks I’m making up with black alternate blocks It’s on my 17 list LOL. Thanks for the idea.

  6. anudge says:

    It’s proven very effective to sort the cuts. I love it. Making good progress on one of your 17 – congrats.

  7. I love your Saigon blocks. Pretty design and pretty colours. A definite winner!

  8. Helen F says:

    You have nearly finished the middle M!!!

  9. Helen F says:

    M – you cant count this as a UFO as you have just started it!!!!

  10. frayedattheedge says:

    I love the vibrant colours – so you!!!!!

  11. Linda Dutch says:

    Love these blocks, beautiful colours! And your centre piece is looks great on the spotted background, inspiring!

  12. Judy says:

    Oh, yes, just love that applique.

  13. This is so pretty ….both the blocks and the applique!

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