Class show and tell

This is our last class show and tell for 2016!


Beth has nearly all her blocks finished so we played with some fabrics for setting triangles and borders01-dscn5151 02-dscn5152You’ll have to wait until next year to see which set Beth decided on!  Beth continued working on her blocks in class12-dscn5171Carole has finished the centre of her quilt top

03-dscn5154and she remembered to bring her side blocks to class to work on!11-dscn5169Marilyn is working on her circles, and wouldn’t you know it!, she was two short and had to buy a little more background.05-dscn5158

Sue E is getting her Dresdens appliqued on07-dscn5165

Jo is steadily working on her blocks10-dscn5168and Denise too, is working her way through the pieces of her block13-dscn5172Some of the girls brought in morning tea as it was our last day,1-blog-dec165Carole’s biscuits on this plate which is 80+ years old!  (I was hoping she’d forget to pick it up!!)14-dscn5173


Carylin stayed all day and she has finished a quilt top started in a class with Michelle Yeo04-dscn5157so we looked at backing fabrics for it06-dscn5164and in between decisions, Carylin stitched her next mouse block18-dscn5181Lyn too stayed all day and cut and stitched and pressed aaaaaaall day!17-dscn5179Fernanda was delighted (as was I!) to see that her quilt had been quilted

15-dscn5174so we chose a binding, which Fernanda cut, made and attached, and even started hand stitching down24-dscn5190Fernanda brought in a couple of the blocks she’s made for her next quilt too.

16-dscn5177Helen started on a new block20-dscn5184I showed Tineke my easy, fast machine piecing technique and she finished 6 stars!21-dscn5185Cathie also flew on her machine producing all of these sets22-dscn5187and Jane has dug out her 1930’s Double Wedding Ring; we discovered she’s pieced more than she thought and one row is almost complete!23-dscn5188 I’m so proud of all that my students have achieved in 2016; it’s been great fun guiding, suggesting and encouraging them in their quilting adventures, and so rewarding.  I have also loved teaching them new techniques and methods.  Gotta share the knowledge!!  Congratulations to them all on their achievements!09-dscn5167Meredithe x

This class is taught at Sewn and Quilted.

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6 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. Cécile says:

    No doubt that you have wonderful students and they have a wonderful teacher !!
    Congratulations to you all ladies !

  2. My you are a talented group! I love all the quilts. They are so unique and creative! Thanks for sharing.

  3. frayedattheedge says:

    An excellent end of term report …….. a big gold star to all your pupils, and to their wonderful teacher!

  4. What an industrious lot you are. And now for a break and coming back refreshed in the new year!

  5. They all look so fabulous

  6. a great work, ladies! love your fabrics !

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