Sock-ing on

Earlier this week I finished my green, toe-up socks from “sockupied“, my first foray into this fab book.These are the “Muscadine” socks by Star Athena (pg 109 of the book).  I’m just delighted with these socks.  I’ve learnt so much in making them; how to do toe-up, new stitches, a sideways cuff.  They really stretched my brain power and tested my pattern reading skills.  Not a bad effort for someone who just started knitting socks this year.  

The pattern is not difficult to follow, it just required, from me, some concentration.  I did make a couple of mistakes, but hey, they’re socks and only I’ll see them.  On the first sock I thought I’d followed the pattern but without looking at the sock itself, and the join in the cuff is at the front of the sock (totally my mistake and nothing to do with the pattern) and on the second sock I lost the plot after turning the heel and in unpicking rows goofed on the lacy bit, but it’s hardly noticeable.  As I said, they’re just socks and it was all great fun.  

I will be making these again, but after all that concentration I’m back to my comfortable pattern.  In two nights I had the heel turned on sock one.Then mid-week in the mail, a parcel arrived from far away, flying to Australia,all the way from Canada, and containing this gorgeous sock yarn from my lovely friend Alida!Alida said in her note that when she looked at this yarn she thought “Spring”.  Most appropriate for us Down Under!  Gorgeous girl that she is, Alida is helping (enabling?) my efforts for 16 pairs of socks in 2016.

The brand is Cuddlebums (“hand dyed yarn from the heart of the Pennines”, bought, I suspect, when Alida was living in the UK) and the colour is “little light blue rainbow”.  While I’m knitting the above socks I’m thinking very hard about which pattern to use for this yummy, yummy yarn.  Thank you soooo much, Alida!

Anybody else have progess on their sock-ing?

Meredithe x 

I Love Knitting Socks!  11 pairs down, 5 to go in 16 for 2016!

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9 Responses to Sock-ing on

  1. I love knitting toe up. I’m a convert from top down. Before I start, I separate my skein into two balls by weighing it on my kitchen scale. That way I can k it up the leg as high as I want without danger of running out of yarn for the second sock.

  2. Gai Haines says:

    That’s the trouble with knitting socks, they’re addictive, and, I suspect, they get up to mischief in the dark sock drawer.

  3. Chookyblue says:

    you make it so tempting to make socks but I suck at knitting………..

  4. Susan says:

    Love those new green socks, and I can’t see any mistakes! Lovely new yarn, so many international temptations. I am halfway though my 8th pair and I still can’t believe I can do it! Thanks for the continuing inspiration.

  5. How delightful – and such fun to be learning more all the time!

  6. I think socks like that are made with magic. I can’t begin to see how you make the so perfectly!

  7. frayedattheedge says:

    I’m catching up – I knitted a pair and a sock and three-quarters on holiday!! I shall have to knuckle down over the next few weeks! I love your green socks, and I will have to investigate the Cuddlebums.

  8. Love your green socks especially the heel. My goal for 2017… fewer socks but more technical. I’d love to try cables and fair isle next.

  9. p williams says:

    I *****L-O-V-E***** your muscadine socks in the green color. Am just starting my first toe-up socks also and this is the pattern I chose (then found your post here when looking for more info on the sock). They really knit-up beautifully for you. Please let me know the weight of the yarn you used (or the weight-number 1-6) ***AND** the specific yarn if you can. I think yours are prettier than the ones by the designer is “Socupied”.

    Your most admiring knitter,

    – Paula

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