In the garden

While the sun was out on Saturday, I thought I should undertake a little gentle exercise, so I wandered around the garden and took a few snaps of plants for you.

Herbs are growing well,and we’ve picked, chopped and added them to a number of meals lately – obviously thoroughly enhancing the flavour of the food in question!The pots are doing wellPerennials are bloomingand the rain and intermittent sunshine have helped my sweet peas.  Look how tall they’re getting (please ignore the weeds)

and there’s even some flowersThe rain must be suiting the hydrangeas too as they’re looking lush and verdantOur poor Claret Ash, despite the rain, is still struggling.  It’s just starting to come into leaf on a few branches.  Fingers crossed it will be ok.(There were mutterings from the other end of the couch last night about “chopping it down”, but I chose to ignore those awful words.)

I do wish we could have some more sunny days, as it’s so delightful sitting on the deck looking at my little kingdom.How is your garden looking?

Meredithe x

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7 Responses to In the garden

  1. Jenny M says:

    Beautiful blooms ~ yes, Saturday was the perfect day in Melbourne to be in the garden. I planted rosemary, a native & a group of succulents into big terracotta pots, trying for that Mediterranean feel in our courtyard area.

  2. So glad that you are on the mend. Take care not to do too much too soon. The garden looks beautiful.

  3. Linda Dutch says:

    Sweet peas are one of my favourites! Lovely pics!

  4. Lucy says:

    Lovely green images of your garden Meredithe. The plant world around us is turning lovely shades of red, orange and yellow, it being Autumn here. We are having some lovely sunshine too,
    Lucy xx

  5. rachaeldaisy says:

    My garden doesn’t look as pretty as yours!!

  6. It’s been lovely to see flowers in the sunshine – thank you!

  7. Gail Davis says:

    Thank you for showing us around your little piece of paradise! We are all waiting anxiously for that glimpse of sunshine and are celebrating even a little peak! It has, indeed, been a long wet winter/spring and we are all seeking those little rays of sunshine and the peaks of life in the garden!🌻

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