Clunes walks

I took my walking gear with me on our recent retreat in the hopes of walking each day.   I did enjoyed an early hike on Thursday morning.  I didn’t take any pics on that walk as I thought I’d have plenty of time over the next few days.  Little did I know that it would pour rain Thursday night and most of Friday; needless to say, no walk Friday.

I do wish I’d taken photos for comparison; this gentle creek on Thursday became a roaring torrent on Friday and was still running swift and full on Saturday

There had been no water over this place on Thursday; thought I’d leave walking and exploring it until later.  No chance of that with the “road closed” sign and rapids forming

Can you see the ducks?  They were trying valiantly to swim up stream but were being forced back by the current; just before getting to the edge, up they’d fly, landing back down and paddling furiously again.  No, I have no idea why they were playing this game – teenage ducks playing chicken?

These trees underwater had been on dry land on Thursday 

These poor sheep were a little waterlogged (they’re for you Anne and Anna)

Sunday morning was bright, clear and cold.  As I rounded the main street mist was rising from the creek through the trees

and drifting over the road

to the point where I decided it might be prudent not to go all they way into it with the possibility of cars descending on me!

I was surprised to find that I was actually in the fog when I turned back.  And as I turned the sun was just peeking over  the hill.

I’m guessing quite a few of you don’t know Clunes; these are some views of the “main drag”

As you can see it’s a quaint old town, with picturesque verandahs attached to the old buildings and such a wide street.  Envisage great bullocks and drays hauling produce, carriages with passengers and riders upon horses.

Some of us were treated to a special walk to the Court House, which is currently used for storage but it is hope will be renovated and restored.  It appears that the last “tenants” simply walked out the door; this cupboard still has papers

and bottles of ink

In the Magistrates Room jurors names are still in the barrel, and the poor box is on the self along with lots of law books

This is where the prisoners sat awaiting their turn in the dockNext door is 

and this small grill through which they could talk to their “client”.

All the wind and rain send blossom flying making a carpet of confetti on the path at our B&B 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this flying tour of Clunes; if you get a chance to visit, I’d highly recommend it!

Meredithe x 

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11 Responses to Clunes walks

  1. Chookyblue says:

    What a lovely spot to visit…..lots of water everywhere now…..

  2. Maree says:

    Beautiful photos on the misty morning .

  3. Barb Vedder says:

    amazing peak at history!

  4. thimbleanna says:

    SHEEPIES!!! Australian SHEEPIES!!! Beautiful pictures Meredithe! Clunes looks like a fun and interesting little town. I have no reference for it’s location though – how far is it from Melbourne?

  5. Elaine Nixon says:

    I loved seeing your pictures. Nature and History can be so refreshing and inspiring. Yes, I can picture the street scene in my head and loved the courthouse. Thank you again!

  6. frayedattheedge says:

    Thank you for the sheepie picture! The raging water reminded me of the floods we had last winter – water rushing like that is very scary! What a charming old town, which I hope to visit …….

  7. I love your misty pics Meredithe. Very atmospheric!
    Lucy xx

  8. Amanda Blyth says:

    Beautiful photos Meredithe! xx

  9. Carole Minihan says:

    Love your photography particularly the tre e s in the fog, so long since been to Clunes, on the list to visit this year.

  10. Hilda says:

    Beautiful spot – love the history! your photos are wonderful!

  11. It looks lovely – even when half under water!

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