Clunes! – part 2

Isn’t this hall amazing?  Here’s some more; on the wall

the ceiling 

the cornice

and these formidable doors.

Over the course of the day I tried to get around to all the tables, but with people disappearing for workshops and ventures outdoors between downpours I know I’ve missed some, so my apologies to them.  However, I’m sure you’ll enjoy what pics I did take……

Judy is making this for her daughter’s 21st; it’s an early request as her daughter is currently 12, so Judy has plenty of time, but this is one young lady who knows her Liberty fabrics and is making sure Mum is keeping on track!

These from Leanne who is making the tiny blocks in the top right hand corner from the leftovers

Alison is doing some free motion embroidery from a kit of Christine’s 

Yes, I know, the bag you can see on the left hand side?  This is it, a gift to Leanne

and the clamshell one?  It was a gift too – lucky Leanne!

Melissa started this block in the morning

and by day’s end it was finished!

Can you believe this is Lois’s first quilt?  She’s having fun with appliqué.

Carolyn has two gorgeous bags

and is working on hexagons.

Time for some morning tea

Maree showed us this gorgeous quilt that she’s making up as she goes along

Marj is using “Elizabeth” for some EPP

Kathryn is working on not one, but two bindings both of which are curved!

Vivien is making this block

which will very soon look like this one (that she’d prepared earlier!)

and Viven had this stunner to show us too (one of Judy’s patterns)

Are you hungry?  Time for lunch!

Leanne is hexagon-ing too

Ros is making these lovely blocks

Jennifer is making a larger free motion embroidery

Ruth is experimenting with Emma Mary blocks

Another Leanne is loving her very first hand pieced quilt, another Emma Mary

GJ finshed a whole pile of her blocks

It’s time for more food……can you fit any more in?  C’mon, it’s afternoon tea!

Clare is working on some Sashiko – loving all those patterns 

Sophia is knitting a hat for her daughter who’s off soon to view the Northern Lights

Ros showed us this unassuming old photographic slide box; it was a bit battered and she has restored the lid

then inside………

the base is covered in  little pieces of Liberty 

Isn’t this a brilliant way to store embroidery threads?  But wait there’s more!  Turn it over and……

Just perfect.

The other Carolyn showed us this cute quilt

Judy played with tumbling blocks

and hand pieced this pin cushion after doing a tutorial with Rae.

I stitched three Whirligig Hexagon blocks (one of my templates)

and I won another prize in the raffle draw!

Yum – gosh I’m going to smell nice!

Oh and before I forget, this is my haul from Cotton Factory.  The lovely Alison opened the door for us, even though she was technically closed

includes a hat for Poppet, a little “Stonnington” by Denyse Schmidt and a lot of “Matilda” by Emma Jean Jansen.

We almost had to swim back to our accommodation – it rained most of the night and poured for much of the day.

Phew!!  More soon!


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13 Responses to Clunes! – part 2

  1. Oh that ceiling is quite lovely! The block that Judy is making for her daughter’s 21st birthday…what is this block called? I love it! So many pretty pictures today, thank you!

  2. Judy says:

    Golly, I am stuffed! So much beautiful food and fabric. It’s difficult to have a favorite but…I love Vivien’s “pink stunner” with the Dresden Plate center and surrounding Hour Glass blocks. Is there a pattern name for this? Awesome photos, thank you so much for sharing.

  3. frayedattheedge says:

    I think all I can say is see my previous comment – where is Captain Kirk when you need him!!

  4. My goodness, how do you get so much done with so much food available!

  5. Michelle says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me something so beautiful to look at. With love from your long distance member. Hahaha…

  6. Carole Minihan says:

    Oh those ceilings are beautiful, so many beautiful works by everyone, so talented and just when i am dieting all that yummy food. The case is just amazing, thankyou for sharing, take care travelling home.

  7. Susan says:

    What an inspirational day! Love the 21st quilt, good to plan ahead. And I’m sure a rainy day just added to the enjoyment of being inside sewing.

  8. Carolyn says:

    Wow. Everything is so beautiful. I think I might need to come along next year, even if it is just for the food. Everyone must be having a fabulous time. Enjoy!

  9. Cécile says:

    Wow Meredithe ! That’s an incredible post….. a big “bravo” to your students ! They realized a beautiful work !

  10. Karen Ruta says:

    What lovely surroundings! So many beautiful projects! I love Lois’s bird quilt, do you happen to know the name of it? Have fun!

  11. Judy says:

    Meredith, is there a name for Judy’s pattern that Vivien is stitching? It’s the one with the Dresden plate center and the sweet pale pink border, and is it being sold somewhere?

  12. Linda Dutch says:

    Goodness, how did I miss these posts? Wonderful things happening, great variety, and it looks like the food was yummy too! What is Melissa’s block, I’ve seen a few of those popping up lately!

  13. Wow! I am blown away by all the projects being worked on. The birdy appliqué is just gorgeous and for a first timer. Very impressed. Love the ceiling you showed – I spend a lot of time looking up when I visit an old building. All the grub looked tasty too!
    Lucy xxx

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