Spring soujourn

The Golfer and I spent the weekend away at Point Lonsdale to celebrate a wedding anniversary (actually our 26th but belatedly our 25th).

On the way we called into Portarlington for a fish and chip lunch

looking over the bay

to the city from whence we’d come.

Point Lonsdale is a sleepy, friendly, quiet little town (at this time of year!) where everyone seems to know each other (lots of conversations happening over cash registers and in the street) and, consequently, all tensions seem to drift away and we spent our time reading, walking, chatting and generally relaxing.  So nice.

We stayed in a lovely apartment

just over the road from the cemetery – which we hadn’t realised when booking, butas this is where some of Pa Kettle’s family are buried, after unpacking, The Golfer and I went over to say a hello to Papa, Gran and Auntie P.  Lovely and very comforting.

Monday morning we headed down the street for breakfast.

I loved the way the surf spray was visible from the other side of the bay

I started to feel like Anne; a ship went out from The Heads

closely followed by a pilot boat

We went around to the lighthouse

with a rickety set of stairs (no, I didn’t go down!)

There’s a pier from which people fish

surfers out enjoying the waves

a guide to places near and far

and I did like this sign

For lunch, The Golfer had booked a table at a nearby winery called Jack Rabbit.  On the way I had another Anne-type moment or two as we drove passed black faced sheep and not one, but two tractors !!  I wasn’t quick enough to take pics, but believe me!

The outlook from our table was amazing

with quirky bits and pieces too

The Golfer’s lunch came from the mussel beds just out there in that first pic

and mine was garden based

all enjoyed with a Merlot from the vines we’d passed on the way in.  I do love their logo!

and finished off with a passionfruit/mousse dessert.

We took a drive around the coast, stopping along the way

and more Anne-esque, but seagulls not swans.

Next morning we were up early for brekky

(Loved the eclectic colours of the chairs)

then home to the hustle and bustle, and something very excitingly!  

But just a lingering reminder.

More soon.
Meredithe x

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16 Responses to Spring soujourn

  1. Lyn shortland says:

    Thank you for sharing, our lifes all get so caught up with life and trivialities that ‘real’ moments pass quietly by. After sewing tomorrow i may buy a take away and go to our local lake and soak up the atmosphere. Arlington is a word very familiar to me. I have the brass name on my home. It comes from a huge home built by the Americans on the reclaimed the beachfront at Sandgate Q. By the time my folks bought it it was 4 flats running front to back. The original hallway split was open arms width so imagine the house just from that. I was. Lucky in getting the name. Eventually we may see if the American consulate would like it.

  2. Annie Gunn says:

    Happy Anniversary. What a lovely time you had! So nice to take time out – with good food, wine, scenery & hopefully a little romance too. Did you resist the temptation to stitch or knit socks? Thank you for sharing your lovely occasion with us.

  3. Karen Ruta says:

    What a lovely getaway! Those breakfasts looked divine. It’s so nice to have time to reconnect with our partners isn’t it? Happy Anniversary.

  4. What a wonderful sojourn, the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary x

  5. Karen Goad says:

    looks like a lovely time and the place is just beautiful, thanks for sharing the photos the only way i will ever see Australia I know!

  6. Carrolyn v says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary! What a lovely trip and new memory you have made! A wonderful way to pause and enjoy each other! We are soon off on a short golf trip. Hubby finally has golf handicap to 8 and wants more practice!!! I just throw the needlework in a bag.

  7. thimbleanna says:

    You’ve been awfully busy while I’ve been gone on my little break! I love the sweet little Liberty cathedral windows that you made in your class and I’m looking forward to seeing your 16 in 2016! Happy Belated Anniversary!!!

  8. Elaine Nixon says:

    Happy Anniversary! And thank you for sharing, you made my day! Have totally enjoyed your posts.

  9. Jo le Cheminant says:

    Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you had a wonderful celebration.
    Would you tell me what sock pattern you used please? My sister-in-law (the knitter) is making me a pair but is not happy with the pattern I purchased.

  10. frayedattheedge says:

    OK – here’s the plan …… next year you come over here and we’ll go over there, and recreate the anniversary celebrations (then maybe we could meet in Singapore on the way home?)!!!!!!

  11. Lovely – although I’m not sure it’s a real Anne-moment unless the black-faced sheep turn their back on you!

  12. Kyle says:

    What a lovely getaway with Mr. Golfer. Happy Anniversay!

  13. Happy Anniversary! Such beautiful pictures. Did you resist taking your knitting?

  14. Mary says:

    Happy Anniversary to you! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos of your lovely country. Some of the water photos made me think the temps might have been a bit cool but maybe not if you’re dining outside. It’s such a treat to get away and see different scenery.

  15. Helen F says:

    Nice little getaway for you and Brucie! Happy anniversary!! (just getting my emails now as ph not working properly!!)

  16. What lovely pics of your break and may I say Happy belated Anniversary!
    Lucy xxx PS I am reading this whilst hungry and I’m craving passion fruit mousse now!

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