A class at Millrose 

Last week I had the pleasure of taking a class at Millrose with the always innovative, internationally renowned quilter and textile artist Jan Preston, making “Liberty Charms”.  (Photo with permission of Jan Preston)

I travelled over from Ma Kettle’s enjoying the commute of a cross country route.  The countryside is so green after our cold, wet Winter. I can’t remember when I’ve seen the landscape looking so lush.  I’m just sorry I couldn’t stop and take pictures for you; there aren’t many safe spots to pull over and as most of the verges were soggy, I didn’t want to risk getting bogged, especially as I was on my own.

Instead, picture this.  The terrain is quite undulating, lots of black faced sheep, lush green grazing pastures, tiny hamlets, forests of tall trees and tree ferns, and hardly any traffic.  With the long morning shadows (I had to leave quite early), shafts of sunlight across hills and through trees, it was such a pleasant trip. Was actually a bit sorry that it ended.  However, I was quite keen to see what Jan had in store for us and to see my friends.

After Jan’s intro and a demo of our first tasks, the eager participants set to.  Before long we all had something to show for our morning’s efforts.  Not everyone was working with Liberty fabrics, and the resulting work was intriguing.


Sue (and Sue’s Mum made the gorgeous embroidered needle case when she was but a lass) who is a reader of this blog.  Hi Sue!





Amanda, who was a ring-in as she’d done the class previously, but couldn’t miss out on the fun of the day!  Amanda was binding a quilt for her son.  The backing is New York’s skyline which they chose together after a trip there.


and yours truly

There was a new delivery of tins at the shop, and GJ and Carolyn pounced acquiring this, GJ’s

and Carolyn this one.

(Just a little tin envy all ’round I believe!). 

Suddenly it was time for lunch (where had the morning gone??) and we all chose one of these

Back to it, and more sustenance in the form of afternoon tea

then it was time for show and tell of our blocks.






who’s using threads from this scrumptious box

Amanda, who finished her binding.  Yay!!


and me.

Apologies to Meagan as she wasn’t quite finished and I meant to get back to her but forgot.

It was a great day, I learned lots and went home with a sense of satisfaction.  There was even some blossom

blossom and blue sky to add to the cheered spirits.  (Most appropriate as today is the first of Spring.)

A pretty end to a lovely day.

Meredithe x

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5 Responses to A class at Millrose 

  1. glendajean says:

    Thanks Meredithe I enjoyed my day with you, I use to make those squares all the time when I was travelling using up lovely Japanese fabrics but I usually used Black or Cream for my circles then light fabrics in the black and brights in the creams, I liked the way you all used big stitches like sashiko quilting it looks a lot more fun and much quicker to. I use to turn my seams under and iron them then do the quilting after they were squares! but they look the same. Cheers Glenda

  2. Annie Gunn says:

    Meredithe – what a great adventure you had. I too had a drive in the country today and everything is looking so fresh and lush. What a great technique – wrapping those circles over the squares – gives a great result. And, of course, how good does that food look. What a feast of sewing I am currently experiencing. Patchworking at Grenfell last Friday, stitching at Temora Wednesday, Jugiong Quilt Exhibition this Sunday, Workshop with Irene Blanck at Cootamundra next Monday, stitching at Temora again Wednesday followed by patchwork get together at a friends place at Bribbaree on Thursday! All within 150km radius – I feel like a Meredithe & GJ!! with all of these patchworking social occassions.

  3. A lovely day, and as you say – lovely blossom to look at as well!

  4. treadlemusic says:

    Happy Springtime to you all!!! Your words gave me such wonderful mind-pictures of your trek!!! The fabrics, projects, class, TINS(!), lunch/tea-time, were glorious, I’m sure. Kudos to all!!!!!!

  5. rachaeldaisy says:

    What a fun day for you all!! I have coasters made with that method. I love seeing all of the pretty fabric combinations everyone used. Are you going to make a quilt with yours?

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