Woolly matters

When I took Ma Kettle home the other week, the car just happened to pull off the highway and took us to our favourite cafe for lunch (sorry, forgot pics!) and a “brief” stop in at Mary’s.

Strolling through this quilters’/knitters’ haven, I did espy this book, which I just needed to have, along with some very pretty yarn for………(in hushed tones) another pair of socks……….

This book is fabulous; it has very clear instructions and a wide variety of sock patterns to choose from, including details on several different ways to cast on, cast off, heels, and toe up, toe down constructions.  I’m just a tad excited to investigate some of these “new” ways of making socks.

I stayed with Ma for a few days and on one of them we took a trip into Bendigo and visited the woollen mills.  Yes, I did……three balls…….all for socks……..

and I’m blaming Alida for all this.  Did you see her comment the other day?  She’s attempting 16 pairs of socks for 2016.  How can I possibly let that pass??  As I already have 9 pairs knitted, it’s not too far a stitch stretch to knit the other 7 required to meet this ……….challenge……is it?………..

Ma has been diligently knitting too.  Her first little singlet is knitted, it just needs stitching up

and the second one is well under way

And as for that Golfer of mine; I’ve asked him on three occasions if he’d like some socks.  No, no, no each time…………but (on the last ask) a beanie would be nice.  So I’ve spent the last little while knitting this beanie, which he’s very pleased with but, no doubt, because Spring is on its way, won’t be needed now until next Winter! 

(It’s actually a very nice charcoal colour – camera obviously didn’t like it!).  It was a tad tedious to knit so I put in those couple of rows of slipped stitch to alleviate the humdrum rounds of knit stitch.

Now he tells me that, hmmm maybe socks would be nice, “but none of those girly stripy things”.

(Sigh) One pair of boring charcoal socks coming up!  (But that will be pair number 10)

Meredithe x

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12 Responses to Woolly matters

  1. Heather Bright says:

    Does that mean 17 pairs next year ?? 😊

  2. Carrolyn v says:

    16 pairs of socks is quite the challenge!!!! If anyone can do it, it will be you! And they are beautiful!

  3. Ali Fergusson says:

    Oh Meredithe you made me smile ! well done and why not I ask….. I Love that feeling of new yarn and new fabric and hang it if I already have so much already. I may just have to join in this sock making enterprise ! did check out that pattern you use and the book seems the way to go too.

    as always I so enjoy reading your enthusiastic blog !

    cherio for now

  4. Carole Minihan says:

    Oh you break me up with your blog, i will just have to buy that sock yarn, you inspire me, thanks Meredithe.

  5. Susan says:

    I think we just have to give in to the sock obsession. I think you can reach the 16 pairs……I’m hoping for six.

  6. Happy Knitting!
    Isn’t it strange, though, how cameras sometimes take against a colour…

  7. Right I had better get my skates on, I’ve seen how fast you knit socks!

  8. Bonnie says:

    One can never have too many socks… Either for ones feet or their sock I ittng bag, they’re the perfect carry along no project.

  9. Helen F says:

    You need help!!!
    I sent you a tag on facebook – Susie thought it was very appropriate!!!!

  10. rachaeldaisy says:

    How fun!! I love that you are in a sock making frenzy. 16 sounds like a great goal. Looking forward to your sock updates.

  11. Melody A. says:

    your husband made me laugh, first a hat and then maybe socks would be nice “but none of those girly stripy things” so charcoal socks it is, too funny !!!

  12. Kerry says:

    I love reading about your sock knitting adventures. I’ve started knitting socks this year- but on circular needles. However, now I’m drawn to the underworld of beanies in the round. My quilting is even taking a back seat! Love your Bendigo sock wool.

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