Something different and new

For several years GJ and I have been wanting to learn Tunisian Crochet and thanks to good spotting by our friend Narelle, we’ve been able to do just that!

Yesterday 5 of us (we missed you Amanda), travelled to t’other side of town to spend the morning with the lovely Michelle and her beautiful Tunisian Crochet

To start we chose two balls of yarn from the basket on the table

I happened to be wearing my Tula Pink top and, wouldn’t you know it, look what I chose!

This very sweet little zippered bag showed us all the stitches we were to learn (and we have the pattern to make the real thing when our stitches are a little better!)

(Sorry for the colour change in the pics – not sure what happened to the camera there)

We stopped for a delicious morning tea

where even the teapot had a beautifully crocheted cosy!

By the end of our time these were our attempts (no names, no pack drill and one of us was shy!)

It was great fun and totally lived up to our expectations as a new source of yarn-y entertainment!!  So much so, that several of us  bought the pattern from Michelle on the spot for a blanket  (bottom left hand blanket in the collage above), came home and have ordered some yarn to make it.  Might have to set aside sock making……heaven forfend!

If you’d like to contact Michele her website is here and you can follow her yarn-y adventures on Instagram @poppyandbliss

Thanks Michelle for a fab day.  

Have you tried Tunisian crochet?

Meredithe X

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9 Responses to Something different and new

  1. June Hamilton says:

    Well done girls. I had t heard of Tunisian crochet – it looks like a little like a combination of knitting stitches and crochet?

  2. thimbleanna says:

    Sounds fun! I’ve never even heard of Tunisian crochet LOL!

  3. What a coincidence, I tried Tunisian for the first time last week too! Sadly all I had was white cotton to make a dishcloth. Loving all the colours.

  4. frayedattheedge says:

    I know of it, but I’ve never tried it. Maybe I would have more success than I do with traditional crochet??!!

  5. Amanda Blyth says:

    Thank you Meredithe, Im Sorry I missed it, Michelle very kindly sent me the instructions, it looks so lovely, I hope to “catch on and catch up” xx

  6. So pleased you enjoyed the workshop Meredithe and thank you, sweet lady, for the wonderful roundup of the day. I’m looking forward to seeing all your blankets x

  7. I know of it. It certainly looks good!

  8. Lyn shortland says:

    Afternoon Meredithe. Yes i learned tunisian crotchet last century. About the 80 s i think. I made my mum a large shawl. Straight up. And never thought of making snaller things. I was stoked withe end product. Also i was generously given Pre spun very fine ? 2 ply wools on huge cones
    The base of the dark grey is sbout 28cm diametre. I eas going tobe brave and do T crotchet/ knitting but am trying toknit a piece to wesr scarf. With one 8 and 9 knit needles. The effect is not noticeable. I want to show hiw my Mum & aunts wore very dainty shoulder shawls that they would delight in showing me hiw they could pull it through their wedding ring. Hope i make mine si. Will let you know. X lyn of Perth.

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