Challenge day 8

Short and sweet today, much like my gelati sock yarn.

Didn’t much feeling like sewing yesterday, so turned the heel of the second sock instead.

20160725-101759.jpgand watched lots of The Good Wife!

(Just between you and me, looks like I’m on course for matching socks……)

Meredithe x

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5 Responses to Challenge day 8

  1. Helen F says:

    smarty goanna legs!!!

  2. Annie Gunn says:

    Yesterday – knitted and sewed the binding on my new quilt that i had just picked up from the quilter. Today travelling all day so knitted a jumper for grand-daughters dolly to match the one I completed for her a couple of days ago. Heading to Bendigo Woolen Mills in the morning to replenish my wool stash. Love going there.

  3. frayedattheedge says:

    I managed some knitting last night, before I dozed off and missed the end of the film we were watching!! Loving the socks …… love Miss Helen’s comment – that’s a new one to me!!

  4. Susan says:

    This will be a lovely pair of socks. When you use the self striping, do you do anything different at the heel flap, or just knit as it comes?

  5. These will be such a cheerful sight! They must be be rather uplifting to knit..

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