Challenge day 5 and a special visit

Good morning! How are you today?

I was a bit busy yesterday, but managed to stitch late afternoon and made these……….



20160722-112335.jpgand Cwaaazy zebra!

20160722-112406.jpgAll made using my templates from the “Playing with Hexagons” series.

Last weekend, Helen took me on a very special visit to see her friend, Miss Cherry-Pie.

Cherry-Pie and her family have recently moved into an apartment, with stunning views even on a misty day…….

20160722-112612.jpgMelbourne is such a green city

20160722-112645.jpgThere is a massive deck, great for entertaining

20160722-112719.jpgin fact, so large the previous owners had a putting green put in!

20160722-112802.jpgThe interior is beautifully done

20160722-112831.jpgand Cherry-Pie treated us to home made pikelets with (bought at a local market) home made jam and cream.

20160722-112924.jpgI could have sat and enjoyed that view all afternoon!

Meredithe x

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11 Responses to Challenge day 5 and a special visit

  1. Carrolyn V says:

    Have spent five hours so far today sewing half square triangles for the ten wedding quilts I have to have done by Dec…….I make them in my sleep.

    Great pix……lovely balcony view……..and gorgeous apt. Wow.

  2. A. Bouwman says:

    The fabrics you used for the new project are great. Greetings

  3. Carole Minihan says:

    No sewing today, took a long time purchasing fabric, wow what a great apartment the views are beautiful

  4. Sue Whitburn says:

    Love your little blocks, very creative and cute- looking forward to seeing what you will do with them next! Xx

  5. Oooh, those pikelets look amazing! As do the views and hexagons too!

  6. Cécile says:

    Bonjour ! A French word in your post ! 😉
    Love love love your blocks and the fabrics you chose !

  7. Kyle says:

    You find the best fabrics for fussy cutting. Melbourne looks like a beautiful city. I’ve been sewing everyday. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish.

  8. Carole Minihan says:

    Yes my backing fabric for dancing dollies, hoping to have it ready for quilting next class

  9. WOW…..That’s a view you can never tire of…
    Those hexies are fabulous !!!!

  10. Goodness, what a view – no stitching would get done for staring across the city!

  11. frayedattheedge says:

    Well, now we now where to have our next retreat!!

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