Challenge day 2

Well, haven’t you all done brilliantly! What a great start to our “Challenge”. There are so many interesting projects being tackled.

I had a really good day yesterday too. Last week I spent some time cutting out shapes from the scraps left over from my MSG project and some others too, and yesterday I EPP’d them ready to sew up some “Margagon Stars”

20160719-101646.jpgwhile watching “The Imitation Game”.

Then last night my sock grew almost of its own volition!

20160719-101758.jpgLoving how this yarn is knitting up.

What will today bring in your “1 hour”?

Meredithe x

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16 Responses to Challenge day 2

  1. Sandi says:

    I worked on the first row of blocks I’m doing for a French Roses quilt. I really enjoyed my sewing time. I love your socks, the yarn is gorgeous! Hugs,

  2. Juliann says:

    I stitched some little log cabin blocks for a quilt along.

  3. Nannett says:

    What a great day….I finish take the whole sweater apart 16 large balls of wool to play with now..
    Then, I started on my quilts landscape wall hanging….I have about half of it on my design wall…
    Tonight, I’m finishing my 70th scarf for the Women Shelter. I promise myself I would make a 100 of them before the end of the year.

  4. Gai Haines says:

    Hand quilt an 11″ red square, that’s huge! 4 more to go. I’m amazed at what people are up to.

  5. Not crafting but I’ve started the couch to 5k programme. Today was day 1 (Monday) and I ran for the first time in about 30years!!

  6. Dorothy Matheson says:

    Shopping for fabric. Home to find the quilt top I need to quilt for a friend in an on line group I have been friends with for a number of years. Have never met in person. My friend was in a bad car wreck and we didn’t hear from her for a number of weeks.
    Have heard but she went to a Rehab in Nursing Home for at least two Months. We, The Group, made blocks. Heart, nine patch and churn dash for a quilt. One put it together and now it is here for me to layer and quilt (in a week) then off to last one to bind the send (when we get an address) to our friend.
    Her brother will be visiting her at least once a month. So we hope to hear something.
    I chose fabric for the back. Sewed the two pieces together ready to take to bee tomorrow so I can layer and pin on the bigger tables pulled together.

  7. Carrolyn v says:

    I drove into spokane to take a three hour class on my Elna sewing machine to learn how to use attachments etc. then came home (hour drive each way) and then listened to the political convention speeches on TV while doing three paper pieced blocks for the Splendid Sampler QAL. So basically all day was sewing related……but no good food. 😿

  8. Mary says:

    I love this sock yarn. Please share the brand and name with us. Thanks.

  9. Susan says:

    I love that yarn too….gorgeous.

  10. Glenda says:

    Love the yarn ! What is it ??? Xx

  11. A successful hour, for sure!

  12. Fiona says:

    I think we need to join you in sock a holicks anonymous, lol

  13. I am very impressed with your output!! I knitted for two hours last night, but am having a day off – we are over at the flat having a quite time before the madness of the exhibition!!

  14. evalinamaria says:

    Your socks are lovely! I did some stitching also.

  15. Verónica says:

    Ooooh, love that yarn too.

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