On a cold, blustery day, we made our way to GJ’s for a get together of the Eliott Stitchers.

Amanda has been on a trip and brought back a cute little mouse pin cushion for each of us and here’s the little fella I chose

20160712-175500.jpgIt seems such a shame to poke him with pins and needles (but he does go rather well with the scissors from my hand quilting bag!)

Heather had lots of show and tell……..a quilt back from the quilters

20160712-175839.jpga gorgeous tin

20160712-175913.jpgand a new bag…..that comes with a story

20160712-175950.jpgThis was Heather’s first quilt started many years ago, with papers cut from the Woman’s Weekly magazine and was intended to be a double bed size quilt. It languished as a doll size quilt until a couple of weeks ago when Heather took heart in hand and chopped and re stitched it

20160712-180347.jpgand now it’s gorgeous and useful and holds her sock knitting!

20160712-180430.jpgGJ had show and tell too; basket, sign and tin

20160712-180520.jpgand inside the basket – so sweet!

20160712-180618.jpgThere was a variety of eats

20160712-180644.jpgthen it was onto the serious business of stitching.



20160712-180754.jpgand I were all circle-ing

20160712-180822.jpgGJ was hand quilting

20160712-180858.jpgCarolyn played with hexies

20160712-181104.jpgand Lulu made herself very comfortable, being a leg warmer and tray for Heather, and chief investigator of Heather’s sewing case!

Meredithe x

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8 Responses to Eliotts

  1. Such fun! And it seems to me that at least half the stitches I know of need a canine studiofriend!

  2. hey hey I have a little mouse from Liberty as well…..yay !!

  3. thimbleanna says:

    Looks like another fun day with the girls. I love the hst quilt – I’ve been wanting to make one (or a hundred) to pare down my stash a little LOL!

  4. Karen Ruta says:

    Your circles are coming along so beautifully! I love how your hostess was kind enough to cut the desserts in half so that you can sample more than one. 😄

  5. You always have the most amazing bags and tins, and of course wonderful projects! I have been neglecting my House of Eliott viewing – once the exhibition is over, I can think of such things again!

  6. rachaeldaisy says:

    A perfect way to spend a winters day!!

  7. Carrolyn V says:

    How I love pincushions and tins……my house overflows with both…..and needlebooks….and fabrics…….and patterns……and UFOs ….and…..and (I finally have 47 circles done!)

  8. Lovely projects on the go as always. I especially like Heather’s quilt and the gorgeous zippered pouch made from a quilt. But that little Lulu stole the show for me. So cuddly and cute!
    Lucy xxx

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