Tuesday sewing

Spent a delightful day at the quilt shop on Tuesday where we were spoilt with blueberry muffins and chocs!

20160707-150935.jpgI was very taken with Kim’s boots and of course she had on a pair of her hand knitted socks

20160707-151019.jpgThere was a little tin/box envy too

20160707-151059.jpgand bag envy with Narelle’s beauty; front

20160707-151240.jpgand back


Narelle has the body and first border done on her MSG

20160707-151426.jpgGJ was hand quilting

20160707-151455.jpgToni was making hexagons

20160707-151520.jpgas was Kim

20160707-151540.jpgI was circle-ing

20160707-151601.jpgand Anne was hand quilting her quilt made mostly from Maze and Vale and Ink and Spindle fabrics. Swoon!!

20160707-151837.jpgand the backing is a beautiful blend (bottom left corner).

It rained nearly all day, with several very heavy showers drumming a beat on the roof over our heads. But we were snug and dry and working hard.

By day’s end Narelle had one “swirly thing” (technical term!) sewn on her next border and lots more prepped

20160707-151939.jpgGJ had several more of the flower blocks hand quilted

20160707-152031.jpgToni’s hexagon strips were being appliquéd onto a background ready for the next stage

20160707-152118.jpgKim’s tins were reversing their levels

20160707-152219.jpgI had 15 circles made (yes!!)

20160707-152257.jpg and Anne had more quilting done.

20160707-152329.jpgWe all went home very happy with our progress.

How was your Tuesday?

Meredithe xx

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8 Responses to Tuesday sewing

  1. What a great day had by all. Love the boots xx

  2. treadlemusic says:

    Those boots are amazing!!!! as are the others’ progress. Definitely coming together. The muffins look yummy!!!!! Always fun to be together, stitching and snug while droplets (pound) hit the roof overhead!!!!!

  3. All those wonderful colours, to cheer up a rainy day..

  4. Carrolyn V says:

    I am always amazed at your use of color! We have most of the same fabric collections here in the US, but don’t often put them together like you Aussie ladies. I love the “busy-ness” of your backgrounds with your main fabrics. Too eclectic for most in my area of the states, but I love it!….and starting, little by little, to see more of it here also in magazines etc. It is just so much more interesting and fun to work with. I am trying so hard to get more done…..but as you know, winter is generally more productive than summer for quilters. And we are at the height of summer…..but no horrible storms or fires yet.

    BTW…..those BOOTS are phenomenal!

  5. I want those boots and I want them now!! Lots of wonderful sewing, and I am very impressed with your progress with your circles. The muffins look rather good too!!

  6. rachaeldaisy says:

    Lots of lovelies!!! Those boots are awesome!!!

  7. Ann says:

    Sounds like a delightful way to spend a wet winters day. Unfortunately I was working and couldn’t make it. One day I will. 😘

  8. So many lovely things. I think my favourite is the bag but I’m torn…

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