Saturday sewing AND a very special birthday

Our Miss Lynnie is having a very special “0” birthday and, of course, there needed to be celebrations of some kind. And what better than a get together of friends, food, presents and an afternoon of sewing/knitting.

We started with the presents and Lynnie’s family bought her a beautiful old dinner set

20160614-132833.jpgand we all made her a quilt

20160614-132914.jpgand some flowers had arrived too.

20160614-132947.jpgThen is was time for our shared lunch

20160614-133015.jpgfollowed a little later by birthday cake

20160614-133046.jpgYum, yum!!

20160614-133109.jpgLynnie had bought herself some swanky new boots

20160614-133152.jpgand I showed her how to start a pair of socks

20160614-133347.jpgmy own sock was growing nicely

20160614-133420.jpgas was Maree’s scarf

20160614-133452.jpgand Helen’s new crochet project

20160614-133516.jpgHelen was also embroidering


20160614-133612.jpgJenny finished her Sashiko

20160614-133707.jpgKerryn was knitting squares

20160614-133739.jpgSue was quilting

20160614-133809.jpgso too was Miss E

20160614-133832.jpgwith the help of this sweet little bag

20160614-133859.jpgcourtesy of Sportsgirl would you believe. Love it when quilters “find” bags not meant for quilting, but so suitable for that purpose!

20160614-134009.jpgKaye had lots of show and tell; from this sweet cuppie doll made by a cousin

20160614-134103.jpgto some antique fair finds

20160614-134434.jpgand some quilts back from the quilters – love the backing of the snowball one!

20160614-134625.jpgand over in the corner, minding her own business, listening to the “grown-up’s” conversation (with amusement I’m sure) was Kaye’s Miss C, who we’ve know since she was 6 and is now at Uni, creating a beauty of her own, with pen and paper.

Thanks for having a birthday, Lynnie! We had a ball!

Meredithe x

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13 Responses to Saturday sewing AND a very special birthday

  1. Carrolyn V says:

    Giving a “sewist” a quilt is the best……they truly know what they have received and appreciate it in all its glory! Lovely afternoon.

  2. deb says:

    Would you please ask Jenny if she would contact me so she could tell me more about Sashiko …thanks

  3. Lynette Balchin says:

    Thanks M and everyone who came. I truely love my quilt which is draped over my lounge for all the colours to shine. Receiving a quilt is such the best feeling. Xxx

  4. Happy birthday, Lynnie. That looks like one party you won’t forget! The sewing box looks very much like one I have which I inherited from my husband’s Aunty. Does it have wooden handles? Mine is still full of sewing supplies which are periodically called upon.

  5. Another post that has me drooling! From the first photo of the dinner set through to the last photo of the stunning artwork, there is just so much to enjoy – especially the gorgeous quilt you made for Lynnie!

  6. Wow the quilt looks great… Happy Birthday Lynnie. After all that food I’m sure Buddy will be taken for a few extra runs..:-) xx

  7. What a wonderful celebration. Best wishes to the birthday girl!

  8. What a wonderful birthday you all celebrated, the food looked fabulous and oh my to the crafting that is taking place, with warm regards from Selma who has had her marbles stolen from Phil x

  9. Kyle says:

    Your post is full of fun and special moments. The cuppie doll Just made me smile. The quilt everyone made for Lynnie will be a gift she will always treasure along with your friendship.

  10. lyn lindsay says:

    Well Miss Lynnie you are truly blessed with a group hug such as a quilt, love it, I am so partial to scrap quilts, they just develop their own personality, happy 60th what a great group to belong too, a lovely post Meredithe, happy sewing girls.

  11. Helen F says:

    Had the BEST afternoon!!! Happy Happy birthday Lynnie – see you soon!!!!!

  12. Michelle says:

    What a lovely party! Beautiful projects, as always!

  13. Lucy says:

    Very belated birthday wishes from me to Lynnie! What a beautiful quilt and what a lovely day. You all know how to make someone feel special – such good friends!

    Lucy xx

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