Saturday sewing

Saturday sewing; ummm, that’s last Saturday, not this weekend. Ma Kettle has been visiting and we’ve enjoyed a delightful time albeit to the detriment of this blog. Ma is happily ensconced now in her own abode and I can apprise you of the latest happenings here at p and c. (Ahem, I do fear my latest reading is having an influence on my mode of address. Do you find you think/write/speak in the language of text lately consumed? Or is that just a predilection of one’s own? I speak of the adventures of one Mrs Amelia Peabody Emerson, a forthright woman before her time, who ventured into Egypt in the late 1800’s and became gripped by the archeological fever that was then rampant; amazing discoveries of pharoahs’ tombs and the like. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on one’s point of view, Amelia is surrounded by murder and mayhem which she, naturally, is able to able to bring to a satisfactory conclusion. All fiction of course, although Amelia would protest otherwise. The fourth book currently holds my attention; it may not be wise to be reading them consecutively! And having added the link, I see more adventures in this series await me.)

However, back to matters in mid 2016.

Last Saturday the Squealers met. Miss E caused serious boot envy with these darling red ones

20160612-112720.jpgand when not out purchasing footwear, Miss E has been hand quilting

20160612-112813.jpgthis quilt

20160612-112831.jpgSue’s quilt for her Mum is back from the quilters

20160612-112906.jpgand the label is done (partly shown)

20160612-112939.jpgand she’s eagerly awaiting the postie for the binding fabric, and while Sue waits, she’s hand quilting too.

20160612-113113.jpgMaree has finished her hand quilting and was busy binding.

20160612-113217.jpgHelen was doing more of her beautiful, tiny quilting

20160612-113300.jpgAndrea has started a new appliqué project

20160612-113342.jpgKaren is knitting a cardi for a grandchild

20160612-113412.jpgMa Kettle came with me and she’s knitting a child’s singlet top, all in one (the gap is the neckline)

20160612-113519.jpgher craft group are making them to send overseas. A friend of Ma’s embellished this bag for her and it now contains her knitting

20160612-113657.jpgMiss S had lots of show and tell; this quilt finished

20160612-113735.jpgthis top finished

20160612-113757.jpgand a new one started

20160612-113823.jpgI was “circling”

20160612-113849.jpgand had show and tell too; Ma has been having a bit of a clean out and she brought me down this tin

20160612-113936.jpgIsn’t it gorgeous? It’s large enough to make into a sewing tin, so I might just do that. Ma also kindly went to Bendigo Woollen Mills and bought this wool for me, and received this pattern as part of the deal.

20160612-114152.jpgMay have to stop sock knitting!

As per, there was food galore

20160612-114518.jpgand lots of chat and laughter!

Meredithe x

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7 Responses to Saturday sewing

  1. Jill says:

    Beautiful work as per usual. And I have the exact same tin which has stored many boiled fruit cakes over a long time.

  2. BJ says:

    Giggled over Amelia. Read the whole series flying back & forth between California and Sweden several years ago. Love the summaries of your get-togethers – projects AND food! You belong to a very talented group, for sure! Such beautiful work by all, week after week.

  3. Melody A. says:

    What a fun time!! and such wonderful endeavors and delicious food to sustain you while doing them. from Iowa , USA

  4. Amelia is great fun – I don’t think a single one of her adventures is a misfire. You have hours of entertainment ahead of you!

  5. Kyle says:

    Each week your different groups sew, knit, create wonderful beautiful projects. It’s always a delight to see what’s goin’ on.

  6. Wow – what an amazing collection of projects – you are all always so busy!! And the food as always looks delicious!

  7. Linda Dutch says:

    Lovely to see what everyone is making! Gorgeous tin, perfect for all those sewing bits & bobs!

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