A colourful yarn

A little while ago my gorgeous friend, Anne sent an email to say watch out for the postie.

I was intrigued, as it’s not my birthday. I assumed The Royal Mail (British Post) would be its usual efficient self, but given the state of Australia Post’s delivery service now, I knew not to hold my breath in anticipation there of, and must confess it slipped my mind. However! The Golfer headed out the door (for “a quick hit”) yesterday, but rapidly returned and literally threw a small parcel onto my lap.

20160604-122151.jpgSeeing that postmark, I knew immediately that it would be from Anne, and sure enough it was. But what could be inside?? The parcel was soft and squishy……this is looking good!

20160604-122300.jpgThe opening of it revealing the shape gave a very strong hint, but as Ma Kettle always taught me, the polite thing to do is read the card first. Isn’t it sweet?

20160604-122423.jpgand inside? The yummiest of yummy sock yarns!! Just look at those colours! If we had feel-a-vision you’d know how soft it is too.

20160604-122453.jpgand if you turn your head a little to the left you’ll read that the yarn contains wool from Bluefaced Leicester sheep, which look a bit like these fellas.

20160604-122715.jpg(not the best pic, but thank you Mr/Mrs Goolge)

Of course, I can’t wait to finish the socks currently on my sticks! To that end I stayed up way past bed time last night and am halfway up the foot of the second sock – might get them done tonight.

Thank you, dear Anne! I’m delighted. (And I get a bit of green spotty ribbon to boot!). For those of you fortunate enough to live in the British Isles, here’s a link to West Yorkshire Spinners

20160604-122942.jpgAh, I do enjoy sock knitting….have I told you that??

Meredithe x

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6 Responses to A colourful yarn

  1. I think we’re beginning to get a hint! Have fun!

  2. Glad the wool arrived safe and sound. No doubt you will have finished your pair before I have even cast mine on!!

  3. Gail Davis says:

    What a lucky girl! Can’t wait to see the socks! I guess the other stitching has been shelved for the moment. Not enough hours in the day, are there?

  4. hildaquilts says:

    How lovely – someone knows you well! and these socks will brighten up any outfit 🙂

  5. Cécile says:

    Oh my …! So nice !!
    Hurry up ! Another lovely pair of socks !

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