Class show and tell


Beth has appliquéd the bottom section of her centre, including Florence the bird – yes, she’s named her bird!

20160603-164149.jpgand in class set out a side section and appliquéd the vine

20160603-164249.jpgHelen’s chooks are finished

20160603-164319.jpgso we went through trimming and decided to have them off centre, so started putting them together that way

20160603-164408.jpgand after reading my blog (as every dutiful student should!), Helen is now knitting socks too, and also following the winwickmum pattern

20160603-164554.jpgMarilyn was making “corner” hexagons for her quilt

20160603-164628.jpgSue W tried her hand at machine quilting, getting a quick lesson in basting, then machine quilting

20160603-164743.jpgJo chose and cut more blocks for her next quilt

20160603-164832.jpgCarole put borders on

20160603-164901.jpgDenise stitched some hexagons – so sweet

20160603-164948.jpg(can you see the little mouse at the bottom?)

Sue E played with some more pentagons

20160603-165301.jpgand Karen had a refresher on feather stitch



Dot is steaming ahead with her hexie blocks

20160603-165502.jpgand in class cut out not one

20160603-165531.jpgnot two

20160603-165600.jpgbut three more

20160603-165625.jpgCarilyn has the binding on her “Star a Day” quilt

20160603-165834.jpganother finish for Carilyn, and three of her Little Quilt-a-Holics Club quilts are at quilt top stage



20160603-170057.jpgand Carilyn chose fabrics for a demanding interesting new project (!)

20160603-170201.jpgFrances made the components for another block and we played with placement of the flying geese

20160603-170330.jpgwe welcomed two new students, and Jane and I worked on a way to easily make orange peels

20160603-170435.jpgand Cathie started cutting and piecing for a dynamic new quilt.

Meredithe x

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6 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. I think such a fine bird certainly deserves a name!

  2. Your post is full of gorgeous work! I particularly like those he a and the feather stitched circles are lovely. Reminds me of Ancient Greek athletes with their laurel leaves on their heads.

  3. Carrolyn v says:

    Chickens are one of my favorites. Such fun blocks. I’m going to have to refresh my feather stitch. A lovely embellishment! How do you ladies keep from starting new projects every day after such inspirations! That is what you make me do!!!!

  4. Judy says:

    Star A Day is magnificent, what a lot of stitching! I am working on a stack of orange peels also, background block cut at 4 1/2″. Using the freezer paper method, pressing the peel edge to the tacky side of paper then glue baste the peel (just the very edge) to the background, applique, then cut slit in back and pull out paper when done. Works great for me.

  5. A. Bouwman says:

    I just love the fabric with the mouse. It is adorable. Greetings

  6. Kyle says:

    Congratulations to Carilyn for finishing her Star in a Day. Great idea to use two fabrics for the alternating squares. It’s lovely.

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