Weekend classes – part 1

I indulged myself over the weekend by attending not just one, but two classes at Millrose, and even though GJ wasn’t participating in Saturday’s class, good friend that she is she accompanied me, and we also organised to stay the night in one of the downstairs small rooms at the accommodation next door.

Saturday’s class was with Lizzie; her Waterfall Quilt which as the class synopsis says was “learning the art of ‘Improv’ quilt making, thinking outside the square with free cutting and wonky blocks”. Gulp!! A long way outside my precise-cutting-1/4″-seam-allowance-measure-everything-twice thinking!

After a brief intro, because it is after all improv and do your own thing, we students took rotary cutter and fabric in hand, slicing, dicing, stitching and more slicing. Oh, ok……it did require some deep breaths, screwing of courage and words of encouragement from Lizzie, but…….

Here’s my first block

20160530-154613.jpgVery soon my two classmates had their first block made too……

20160530-154801.jpgWoohoo!! This is fun! So, not long after block two of mine appeared……

20160530-154855.jpgThen we were all excited and inspired; cutting, sewing, re-cutting, slicing, adding, halving, re-stitching……..

Here’s our progress shots from the day (just must say, mine are the neat orderly set on the left [can’t improv everything!], Steph’s are on the right hand side, a little disordered, and in the middle Margaret’s “exploded” blocks!)




20160530-155327.jpgOf course we were well fed and watered throughout the day to help our creativity to flow.

20160530-155500.jpgMay I just say…. Improv is GREAT fun!! I had The Best Day, and can’t believe how many blocks I made.

At class end I was kinda sad, ‘cos I wanted to keep making blocks, but kinda glad, ‘cos I really was brain dead after all that free-form cutting and stitching.

GJ and I bought some Chinese for dinner

20160530-160816.jpgchanged into our pj’s, ate our dinner, then sat up in bed with fab Saturday night British and Australian crime shows on tv, knitting. I started another pair of socks; the current ones were up to the toes and there wasn’t enough brain space to cope with that!

20160530-161133.jpgand GJ’s knitting a beanie for her #2 son

20160530-161211.jpgand that night, I dreamed of improv blocks…….cutting, sewing, re-cutting, adding, slicing…….sweet dreams indeed!

Thanks Lizzie for broadening my horizons and pushing my boundaries xx.

More tomorrow!

M x

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8 Responses to Weekend classes – part 1

  1. Carrolyn V says:

    A couple days with creative classes and a dear friend……sounds divine. So inspiring and reinvigorating! Lucky, lucky, you! Can’t wait to see the next installment……and your free form quilt. 🙂

  2. MrsCraft says:

    Those blocks look lovely-I’ve not done much quilting but they are inspiring me to try! 😊

  3. Chookyblue says:

    Oh you really did step out of your comfort zone…… Glad you had a travelling buddy…. She sure is a trouper…….

  4. Scary but super – and another string to your bow!

  5. Judy says:

    Great looking blocks, it looks like you got braver as the day progressed? Will be anxious to see how you put these together. What a good friend you have.

  6. That looks like a lot of fun, if slightly scary! Eating Chinese in your jammies – it does’t get better than that!!

  7. Lucy says:

    Those improv blocks look great! So interesting to see the Cadbury’s Roses box too, which looks so different to ours! Xxxx

  8. Jenny M says:

    A few months ago I attended an Improv log cabin class with Jules McMahon from Canberra. Very hard to cut without rulers, but such an interesting outcome. My husband remark on viewing the blocks, “that’s a bit abstract!”
    Looks like you have lots of great blocks too, love how you have sliced thru some and added a dash of another colour.

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