Sock finish

Wednesday week ago (yep, that long ago!) I finished up my socks

20160427-124303.jpgYay! That’s my first finish for the Finish-a-long Quarter 2! I’m delighted with them. Now we just need some cold weather to try them out!

The sock pattern I used was the one recommended by Lucy at Attic 24, so a big “thank you” to Christine at winwickmum for her brilliant, easy to follow, sock-a-long pattern. I didn’t use Christine’s method for casting off at the toes, but tried something different – not the best result, so I’ll follow Christine’s instructions of future socks. Yes, I’ll be using this pattern again.

On Thursday evening I sat twiddling my thumbs, missing my sock knitting. I didn’t feel like sewing (what??), so on Friday morning I went to Sunspun and Karen helped me choose some yarn and a new pattern for another pair of socks. (Stretching my new sock knowledge!!)

In the car on the way home, I decided, as you do, that a new knitting bag would be a very good thing to make, one just for sock knitting. I did enjoy making the bag for my blogging friend Annie, so I whipped up another of those.

And have I started the new socks?? Hmmm………

Meredithe x

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12 Responses to Sock finish

  1. What a lovely, cheerful pair of socks!

  2. Love that yarn-those colours are just addictive!

  3. Susan says:

    I have been wondering if I should try sock knitting, and this post may have pushed me over the edge. My knitting skills are very rusty, and mostly limited to cowls and scarves these days. Would you recommend this pattern for a first time sock knitter?

  4. Gorgeous socks! Only slightly envious of people who can knit. And I love that bag!!

  5. Cécile says:

    Oh I love them !! Congrats for this finish M !! Is it difficult to knit them ?

  6. That bag is just so adorable, I love your style and the red wool is gorgeous. My hands are itching to start stitching. Once again.

  7. Your socks are gorgeous. Christine’s pattern is so easy to follow, isn’t it? Despite trying other methods, I keep coming back to it.

  8. Carrolyn v says:

    I truly am impressed that you finished those cute socks so fast! You are a Wonder Woman!

  9. treadlemusic says:

    And you weren’t “in the mood” to sew!!!!! LOL!!! Love the sox!!!!! Our cool launch into Spring could use those warm coverings!!!!!!

  10. Great sock yarn and cute bag! You’ve been productive! 🙂

  11. the creative heifer says:

    They are beautiful and I bet they are so cosy to wear. I’ve been tempted to try the pattern by winwickmum too…. I’ve bought the yarn and the needles and cast of for my test square, and there I’ve stopped as I haven’t a clue how to progress… so I’m in awe of the magic knowledge that turned your ball of yarn into a beautiful pair of socks 😊

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