Woolly Bits Sunday

It was a very intimate Woolly Bits Sunday with only three of us plus Lizzie up at Millrose; we missed the rest of you!


Jan was working on some circles for a new project

20160427-115549.jpgI can’t show you Lynne’s as it’s the new Sue Spargo BOM, but she does have some nice threads!

20160427-115651.jpgI got another bird stitched down and started on the embroidery

20160427-115732.jpgand Lizzie had some time to sew down the binding

20160427-115805.jpgon her quilt

20160427-115835.jpgIt was a beautiful Autumn day, and from where I was sitting, this was my view

20160427-115909.jpgand a closer look through the window showed this

20160427-115939.jpgLunch, as always, was delicious (there’s a new menu!).

20160427-120056.jpgFor those of you who have been waiting, Rae’s gorgeous “Walking with Heffalumps” quilt pattern is now available! (contact Millrose for your copy)

20160427-120325.jpgI had to buy one (and maybe some fabric and sock yarn!)

20160427-120407.jpgMoreish carrot cake appeared for afternoon tea

20160427-120455.jpgand while it’s not quite finished, I did heaps on my bird.

20160427-120538.jpgHappy day!

Meredithe x

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12 Responses to Woolly Bits Sunday

  1. Quilter501 says:

    That bird is just fabulous! I love working with wool and embroidery…..and birds are always a favorite. The carrot cake has me drooling on the ipad again! You ladies have the best afternoons!

  2. Jenny M says:

    All the work is beautiful and delicious food too! Lovely surroundings to work in.

  3. Love the bird – he’s developing beautifully. And isn’t everyone doing well!

  4. Linda Dutch says:

    Your bird is looking delightful! And I just love the scrappy ‘heffalump’ quilt, amazing!

  5. That bird is gorgeous! Lovely neat hand stitching……. Jenny xxx

  6. Wow Mereidthe, very jealous once again. I love your flamingo pink bird. So cute with all the embroidery. I have fallen in love with all the embroidery out there and my next quilt will feature this. No the mini I am working on, well not at the moment unless I change the pattern a bit. But the next one. You ladies are so lucky to go to Millrose, the food looks amazing. I will definitely need to check out Sue spargo.
    Lovely work and thanks for sharing the wonderful work, fabric, food and views.

  7. Jill says:

    Love the pastel wools that are like delicious bowls of sherbet. A stitching window view to envy.

  8. Sorry I wasn’t there …. but only a little bit, as I was on my way to Majorca …… yippee!!

  9. Cocopatch says:

    nice projects! the collection of thread for the Sue Spargo’s BOM is amazing! Your bird is so cute!

  10. Judy says:

    Stitching…beautiful food….lovely garden view….love it all. I am slowly changing to a vibrant green color!

  11. Kyle says:

    Jan’s embroidery around the circles is lovely and your wool bird is super cute with all of her embroidered de- tail.

  12. What a great day. Love the heffa…heffel ….. Elephants

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