Class show and tell

Oh my goodness, I’m behind in my posts again! It’s going to be a full week. Are you ready? Ok… goes…..


Jo and Sue were at AQC last week and while there they spotted this tiny ball of yarn and bought it for me….

20160426-091442.jpg…..and Poppet! Isn’t that sweet? And it’s in Poppet’s favourite pink too. Thanks girls!

Marilyn brought in this quilt to show us

20160426-091601.jpgand she was working on her circles in class

20160426-091650.jpganother Helen joined us and she had this quilt to show

20160426-091719.jpgand I gave her some help with a woolly bits quilt she’s designing

20160426-091802.jpgKaren tried out some more embroidery stitches

20160426-091826.jpgDenise only had a few more leaves to stitch down, then she can start on the flowers

20160426-091910.jpgSue stitched up this storm of goodness on the machine – yes! Sue on a machine!

20160426-091950.jpgJo cut and marked up background strips

20160426-092036.jpgBeth has finished putting on the piping

20160426-092108.jpgand she started on another block

20160426-092135.jpgAnd most importantly, Beth brought along ANZAC biscuits for us to share (most appropriate given ANZAC day yesterday).



Frances has been working on her embroidery blocks

20160426-092430.jpgshe had the borders on her appliqué

20160426-092538.jpgand in class she was stitching hexies and pentagons

20160426-092612.jpgDot started a quilt for her son using my templates

20160426-092704.jpgHelen was stitching her hexies to backgrounds

20160426-092740.jpgand Tineke was making hexies type stars.

Meredithe x

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4 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. mumofteenagers says:

    Brilliant – so many good things! I am inspired by Helen’s quilting in the border of her quilt and so much embroidery including experimentation.

  2. Cécile says:

    They are lots of lovely projects and your students are very talented M !

  3. thimbleanna says:

    Another lovely show and tell! I love that pretty quilt that Marilyn brought in — very nice colors!!!

  4. Chookyblue says:

    beautiful quilts from the girls………..

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