I went to AQC on Friday and thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

:: Bumped into Andi and saw her amazing quilt of Audrey Hepburn

:: Went to a lecture (with Andi) on Liberty of London including their latest fabrics and fabric adventures

:: At the lecture I sat with our new friends from Sydney – so nice to see those girls again (think they’ve had a great time!)

:: Briefly met Victorian Findlay Wolfe – such a gracious and lovely lady – and saw her quilts “in person” – stunning use of colour and quilting.

:: Saw Rachaeldaisy’s beautiful “Blooming Doilies” quilt “in person”. Photos don’t do this quilt justice – it is gorgeous! Such a clever way to showcase doilies and stunning set on the red background.

:: Met lots and lots of friends and chatted heaps!!

There were several stands that I knew I wanted to visit, and I was successful in each case.

Love the Maze and Vale fabrics and I’ve been following Leslie on Instagram (@mazeandvale) for some time. Picked up these pieces

20160417-180412.jpgwhich I am very happy with (mind you, could have spent a fortune there) and Leslie is such a sweetie.

Now that my sewing room has been reorganised, there’s room to set up my small ironing board, so a small, decent iron was on the shopping list.

20160417-180558.jpgI set it all up yesterday and it works a treat!

l’uccello have a new pattern out for some sewing accoutrements, and there were also some bags of feed sack scraps, perfect for my circles.

Karen has some new patterns out, and I’ve been waiting for her “Circle of Sisters” one to be released.

20160417-181023.jpgThis is a quilt I’ve wanted to make for such a long time, and if someone else has done the hard work, and provided the templates, I’m taking advantage! As soon as it saw it, I knew my collection of Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s “Mostly Manor” would be perfect

20160417-181236.jpgI’ll use the large floral as the background around the “sisters” blocks, might just make four blocks and then play with some borders and I’ll probably add some other fabrics too. Can you see it?

Just another quilt to add to my ever growing list!

Did you go? What did you buy?

Meredithe x

PS Sorry there are no pictures from AQC – like many shows these days, pics are forbidden so I didn’t even take my camera with me.

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11 Responses to AQC

  1. Unfortunately I did not get to the show but I loved hearing about your visit and seeing your purchases. A bit sad that you can not take pictures as I am not sure how this can promote the love of quilting and quilts.

  2. I went on Friday too. It’s a great show. Loved the quilts and spent a bit of money.

  3. Jenny M says:

    I went to the AQC show yesterday…a wonderful display of quilts. Loved the variation of the smaller exhibition of quilts…the Red & White, the AQC challenge quilts, Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s quilts are stunning and the quilts made by soldiers are amazing. Shhh…this is between you & I, I probably bought too much, considering how much is already in my sewing room! But I couldn’t resist a mag from Quiltmania, My Little Japan, fabric from Jen @ Amitie, and rotary blades, bobbins & thread.
    The Circle of Sisters pattern looks lovely, as does your fabrics for it.

  4. Pip says:

    I enjoyed the AQC through all the Instagram posts and blog posts that people put up. You can take photos for personal use and you are allowed to put photos up on your blog if you gain permission from the quilt maker which is sometimes hard to do (unless you see the quiltmaker at the show and ask), usually there are no contact details available and because of privacy issues the guild probably won’t give them to you, I have started putting my email address on my quilt labels to make it easier for permission to be asked. I think (only think) that general shots of the quilt show (like a long shot showing the quilts lined up) are ok though.

  5. It sounds like a wonderful visit – if expensive! – and offers plenty of future fun as you turn the fabrics into quilts!

  6. Cécile says:

    Great purchases M !! I am sorry for the photos…I hope this won’t the same thing at Nantes….
    I want to come back home with lots of photos ! :)))

  7. On Saturday I was watching a video online on how to make a bag with strips from a jelly roll – and the tutor had one of those irons, which I immediately coveted!! Lovely fabrics and patterns, have fun with them!

  8. Linda Dutch says:

    Some great purchases here, love the assorted feed sack prints! The ‘circle of sisters’ pattern looks like an interesting challenge, it’s not EPP then?

  9. hildaquilts says:

    So interesting to see your perspective of the Show – I think I rushed around and missed a few good stalls! Loved my visit though and I took masses of photos (just won’t be able to share them unfortunately). I have that little iron and it is great – super hot. In fact it is so hot that it burnt my table even through a thick rubber iron rest like yours…so take care!

  10. rachaeldaisy says:

    Thank you for mentioning my quilt, It’s such an honour to know you liked it. Your trip to the show sounds wonderful and you certainly found lots of goodies. I’ve been wondering about a little iron so it’s great to hear you like it.

  11. Gail Davis says:

    Loved my quick visit to AQC too. Ventured to the big smoke with my hubby’s sister-in-law, and left the brothers to play in the paddock! I picked up the ‘Sisters’ pattern too…could not resist as it has always been on my ever-growing bucket list. Oh life is just too short!

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