Saturday sewing

When I started to download the photos of today’s shenanigans, I found the photos from last Saturday; knew I’d missed something this week! So here’s what happened last weekend.

It was an impromptu get together, nothing really planned, so lunch was toasted ham and cheese sandwiches, and we all contributed to afternoon tea.

20160402-190255.jpgSometimes they’re the best!

Ma Kettle was colouring in

20160402-190411.jpgKaren has started this sweet embroidery

20160402-190458.jpgHelen was doing some embroidery too, using colonial knots to create these


20160402-190556.jpgto go with these blocks

20160402-190625.jpgand I was putting on a binding

20160402-190657.jpgto finish this quilt.

20160402-190727.jpgThis is “Kendal Farm” by Susan Ambrose (pattern available from Somerset Patchwork) and quilted by Carol at Sewn and Quilted.

So pleased to have a finish, and it’s been keeping Ma Kettle warm on these cooler Autumn evenings.

Meredithe x

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10 Responses to Saturday sewing

  1. helen f says:

    Glad ma is enjoying using ur new quilt!!

  2. Chas Spain says:

    Wow – you girls have such a lovely time and well done on the quilt – it is gorgeous.

  3. Carrolyn v says:

    I am in love with the soft low volume colors in your quilt! And add ticking??? Now it is double love. I would like to invite your group and their lovely projects to a NW mountain retreat sponsored by me. We could just enjoy stitching, drool over projects and fabrics…..and EAT all the wonderful foods you all would prepare and bring to the other side of the world. Warm spring temps already!

  4. I would just echo Carrolyn’s comment!!

  5. Hi Meredithe, love seeing your finishes! Your quilt is amazing, my favorite colorways in pinks and blues. Can’t ever seem to get away from them, though that is because I am working from my stash. I love that star block and the patches and the stripey sashing. It will surely be a much loved heirloom for your family. Karen and Helen’s embroideries both look beautiful. I really enjoy embroidery and hope to do more in the future, besides just on the quilt labels! Are you Ma Kettle? Thanks again for sharing your exciting work from your sewing group. Love it!

  6. Linda Dutch says:

    I love your finished quilt Meredithe! It’s so pretty in those soft muted tones, very vintage-y!

  7. It sounds positively blissful. Stitching, talking, and food…!

  8. Chookyblue says:

    looks like a perfect day………..

  9. hildaquilts says:

    Congratulations on the pretty finish – love the stripe sashing!

  10. Michelle says:

    It’s so nice to feel like part of your group!

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