Stitch Sisters

On Saturday, Stitch Sisters met at Rhonda’s home where she showed us her beautiful new garden

20160319-190343.jpgcomplete with modern windmill type sculpture

and non-destructive big bird

and this very clever curved roof which still gives a feeling of openness but provides shade and a pathway for any breeze.

20160319-190540.jpgWe were also able to envy admire Rhonda’s husband’s latest creations; this stunning table

20160319-190912.jpgand beautifully made shaker boxes

20160319-190947.jpgMr M’s talents don’t stop there though, he’s also skilled at lead light and has made these windows

20160319-191050.jpgand this one too.

20160319-191111.jpgHe can’t lay claim to this effect on their pavers, though!

20160319-191231.jpgOn the sewing front, Helen found this fabric in her stash which, with these blocks and threads will become a new quilt

20160319-191347.jpgin the meantime she’s working on her clam shell quilt

20160319-191431.jpgKaye brought along a finished top, which I can’t show you just yet….merely a snippet!

20160319-191519.jpgand she was working on some appliqué

20160319-191559.jpgand I stitched up not just one…..

20160319-191633.jpgbut two blocks!

20160319-191653.jpgand Miss V brought along some limes for us from her garden.

20160319-191733.jpgWe enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea

20160319-191756.jpgwith these scrumptious cupcakes made by one of Rhonda’s work colleagues.

20160319-191854.jpgThey look just like roses, don’t they?

Meredithe x

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13 Responses to Stitch Sisters

  1. Cécile says:

    Oh la la….these cupcakes !! Yum !!

  2. Two blocks – in spite of all that food! Well done…

  3. That window is amazing, as are the shaker boxes… and the garden…and the cakes… inspirational for a Monday morning 🙂

  4. Wow Meredithe, my quilty life always seems so uneventful when I get to look at yours. I love the blue fencing in that new garden of Rhondas, and all those wonderful creations from her hubby. The Shaker boxes are spectacular and the table and those leaded windows. I am jealous. My hubby is going to figure out how to use the table saw and tools in our basement. Those fabrics and blocks for Helen’s new quilt are my favorite pastel colors and shades. I have never seen that little flower applique thing that reminds me of a daisy, so pretty in Kaye’s finished top. And again, your two blocks are right up my color way. How beautiful. The rose cupcakes look devine! Thanks for sharing again!

  5. Michelle says:

    I think I say this every day, BUT Oh-to-be a member of your group… A little bit of quilt envy going on right here!

  6. Kyle says:

    Another awesome day doing what you all love.

  7. alison says:

    How lovely! Can you tell me if the little jam rolls are just pastry and jam? If so, what a nice way to make jam tarts. I wonder if the pastry is a little different?

  8. I showed this post to Malcolm, with thinly veiled hints about Shaker boxes and stained glass windows…… I think I might have a long wait! The garden is lovely, the food fabulous – and I love your two blocks!!

  9. thimbleanna says:

    CUPCAKES!!! (Ok, now I’ll try to compose myself.)

    I’ve decided I want your life. You’re surrounded by all these quilters who make beautiful things. I love your new block that you’ve been working on — it’s a fun pattern!

  10. Jenny M says:

    Such creative & beautiful work by everyone! Love those Shaker boxes and the peek at Kaye’s finished quilt was a tease ~ what we can see looks lovely!

  11. Julie says:

    That table and those shaker boxes are beautiful. Wish Iived closer, that looked like such a lovely day with like minded friends.

  12. Chookyblue says:

    Gorgeous garden…… I always love seeing what works are in progress… So inspiring…..

  13. Lucy says:

    What a gorgeous garden Rhonda has! Love your blocks and those cupcakes too!
    Lucy xx

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