Class show and tell


Jo has been busy prepping circles; single ones

20160310-165434.jpgand layered ones

20160310-165503.jpgMarilyn is making hexagons

20160310-165527.jpgBeth started on her “Pemberley” BOM

20160310-165730.jpgas did Leanne

20160310-165810.jpgKaren learnt some new embroidery stitches for her circles

20160310-165857.jpgSue cut and started prepping the sashings for her “Briar Hill” by Susan Ambrose

Denise laid out the first block of her “Campania” BOM

20160310-170316.jpgand Dorothy visited all the way from Wellington, yes that’s Wellington, New Zealand to do a class (she’s actually visiting family), and I showed her how to do EPP with this sweet owl fabric.



After lots of measuring and some calculating Frances and I cut and prepped these borders for her appliqué

20160310-171709.jpgthen Frances pulled these fabrics from this sweet bag

20160310-171834.jpgas she’s been bitten by the circle bug!

Carylin cut and laid out the next block in the Little Quilt-A-Holics Club

20160310-172127.jpgDot almost finished the stitching on the appliqué block for month 1 of the “Foxley Village” BOM

20160310-172437.jpgand Helen has made some hexagons, and in class she stitched up another, cut out more and chose some backgrounds to appliqué them to.

Meredithe x

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8 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. Cécile says:

    The appliqués are awesome !! Come on ladies !
    Dorothy’s hexies are sooo funny ! Ah ! Ah !
    And I love the Pemberley quilt ! OUhhhh…it’s going to be gorgeous…..

  2. Lots of wonderful fussy cutting! The applique projects are amazing. Today’s gold star has to go to the fussy cut owls!!

  3. Carole Minihan says:

    Love those applique owls, will see you next week

  4. Cocopatch says:

    It’s very beautiful!

  5. Carrolyn v says:

    So many new vices you and your blog have created in my life!!! EPP is my biggest vice, but the fussy cutting you and your ladies do just shows me there are so many new levels I have never thought of. And now that you have me cutting circles…….stitching with Sue Spargos fancy stitches???…oh calm my poor excitedly beating heart! I need to go rest now from just the thought of all that excitement!! ….and then begin…???? Such a fun blog!

  6. Callista Garman says:

    Everyone’s work is so interesting. It is always fun to see how differently frabic is used. The circle bug is alive and is EPP. This technique is a little foreign to the people here but I have spread the bug here and several of my quilting friends are now fussy cutting. I even have the local quilt shop owner and staff using fabrics differently. It’s great fun
    But the best news is that I am returning to Sydney at Easter and my sister and I will drive to Melbourne for the quilt show. Naturally we will be forced to visit a few quilt shops en route.
    Maybe I will get to met you and thank you in person for your wonderful blog
    Now back to stitching

  7. What a glorious array of fabrics and patterns!

  8. Judy says:

    Beautiful work all around. The circle bug seems to have become an epidemic! I needed to slow down on mine so I pulled out the last of my Lucy Boston blocks to stitch…now that’s another wonderful addiction.

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