Class show and tell


Carole has finished one dolly

20160305-112705.jpgand she set up for the next voodoo dolly

20160305-112742.jpgMarilyn has finished these circles

20160305-112802.jpgand cut and prepped these in class, looking at blue tonings this week

20160305-112935.jpgJo has made these stars

20160305-113001.jpgand she worked on circles in class

20160305-113053.jpgFrances finished her first “English Whirl” block

20160305-113429.jpgKaren has decided to start a circle quilt too, and she would like to embroider hers, so she made the first two and I taught her fly-stitch in a couple of variations

20160305-113646.jpgand Denise started on the Campania BOM learning all about woolly bits

Well, making a start!


Lyn stayed all day and machine appliquéd all the centres on her blocks and, with most of the piecing already done, stitched three blocks into the pieced units

20160305-114314.jpgJacinta came to stitch for the day too; in the morning she chose and prepped sets

20160305-114616.jpgand in the afternoon started EPP on “La Passacaglia”

20160305-114837.jpgGlenda was there for the day too, and she set up not just one

20160305-114907.jpgbut two “La Passacaglia” centres

20160305-114950.jpgand made a star

20160305-115030.jpgTineke started on the corners of her “Discovery” BOM learning how to appliqué

20160305-115228.jpgHelen learnt how to fussy cut hexagons and how to EPP

20160305-115306.jpgand Dot has finished cutting for the “Foxley” BOM and she started on her first block

Meredithe x

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9 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. Judy says:

    Oh my, Dot’s little applique block is sooooo sweet! Very productive girls I must say.

  2. Karen Goad says:

    always such a wide variety of quilting that you show and so much of it by hand – delightful! I will be glad to get back to my quilting in a week or less I hope if my eye heals up fast!

  3. You know, I don’t think I’d get a thing done if I were to join you. I’d be too busy admiring everyone else!

  4. Cécile says:

    Oh my….beautiful work !
    These ladies are very motivated and have done a wonderful job !

  5. Such lovely work! I adore that braided bag as well!

  6. The (voodoo) doll is actually really cute! Thanks for sharing all the amazing work being done!

  7. I love the dolls! I love La Passacaglia …… but I am resisting!!

  8. rachaeldaisy says:

    Those dolls are so cute! your classes are such a visual treat.

  9. Kyle says:

    It seems like in a day, you as the teacher, have to pull out of your head every technique known to quilters. As always wonderful projects. I especially like the wool BOM.

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