Quilty 365 – February

I managed to finish all my February circles (only one day late……shhh! don’t tell!). So here’s February’s 29…..

20160304-185403.jpgand here they are snuggled up with their January cousins…..

20160304-185446.jpgThat’s 60 down and 306 to go!!

Linking up with Audrey for Quilty365.

How are your circles coming along?

Meredithe x

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13 Responses to Quilty 365 – February

  1. Well done for having the discipline to get them done!! Have a great weekend – hope you survive the heat!!

  2. Cécile says:

    They are beautiful M !

  3. Teje says:

    Hi Meredith! Your circle project is one of my favourites! What a great idea to use colourful backgrounds! Beautiful look! x Teje

  4. Another three hundred to go? Yikes! Have courage, and keep stitching!

  5. Carrolyn v says:

    Oh, wow! Now I want to work on circles! So beautiful! I hold you personally responsible for my UFOs!

  6. Melody A. says:

    very pretty, it is going to be a marvelous quilt when finished!

  7. Judy says:

    Ooooh, love those Liberties. I must confess I am working ahead just a little, almost 150 done, with many more prepped. They are so addicting and give me relaxing stitching time while hubby watches his shoot em up movies! I guess I should do a photo shoot.

  8. audrey says:

    That makes it sound intimidating, only 306 to go! lol Good thing they’re so little!

  9. Pat in WNY says:

    So very lovely – keep on stitching!

  10. Susan says:

    I like the florals you are using. Keep going its going to be great!

  11. Sophie says:

    I like your idea of using solid background in different tones matching the floral prints. It’s very nice !

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