Class show and tell


Marilyn brought along her Robyn’s Nest quilt – it just needs binding now.

20160227-100525.jpgFrom the background fabrics she bought last week, Marilyn had cut some squares and she was busy appliquéing circles in class

20160227-100632.jpgJo has some more hexagons made

20160227-100708.jpgCarole has made some blocks

20160227-100751.jpgto go with the first of her Dancing Dollies (which we’ve nicknamed Voodoo Dolly!)

20160227-101026.jpgKaren’s corner is coming together, we just need to tweak the final odd shaped lozenge

20160227-101128.jpgLeanne is appliquéing

20160227-101302.jpgBeth had a lesson in fussy cutting

20160227-101336.jpgand Sue is slowly getting her centre done.


During the day Kim came for a visit and showed us all this gorgeous quilt top

20160227-101512.jpgwhich she’s made from this book



Lyn stayed all day and finished machine appliquéing all her blocks (we found the fourth little one hiding under the big one at pack up time!)

20160227-102517.jpgDot has neeeearly finished her cutting

20160227-102553.jpgCarylin cut out her next little quilt for Little Quilt-aholics Club

20160227-102909.jpgand Tineke ventured into the world of fussy cutting and hand piecing in starting the Quiltmania BOM for 2016 “Discovery”

Meredithe x

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10 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. Beth Domaille says:

    Enjoyed reading your blog Meredithe, looking forward to my next class with you – Cheers Beth

  2. Voodoo dolly. Love it 🙂 the use of pattern in the hexagons is so effective too.

  3. treadlemusic says:

    Awesome stitcheries, as always! The “Voodoo Dolly” made me cringe a bit!!!! LOL!!!!!

  4. Cécile says:

    As usual, there are many beautiful projects !
    Thank you for sharing M !

  5. A grand selection of achievements!

  6. Lots of excellent work from your new students!!

  7. rachaeldaisy says:

    LOL, Voodoo Dolly!!! That’s soooo funny!

  8. Michelle says:

    Such lovely blocks! I would love to be a member of your group!

  9. Callista Garman says:

    It’s wonderful to see all the interesting work the ladies are doing always inspiring. I was fortunate enough to see Lee Heinrich when she did a trunk show at the local quilt guild here in Milwaukee a couple of years ago. Her work is very refreshing and interesting.

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