Sauce, salad or sandwich?

Here’s the first two of our tomatoes…..

20160223-092257.jpgfrom our massive crop of……….three!

Don’t think I’m cut out to be a veggie farmer somehow. Definitely not enough for sauce, might stretch to a small salad, but it think The Golfer and I will have a small sandwich each with our “harvest”!

Do you grow some of your own food?……..successfully?

Meredithe x

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14 Responses to Sauce, salad or sandwich?

  1. Karen Goad says:

    I grow some but wouldn’t say I am a great success at gardening. I did get quite a lot of tomatoes last year but none all at the same time, I would have just a couple ready but not enough for a sauce. I keep trying though – sometimes I wonder why – here in the northern part of the southern states – Arkansas it is almost time to plant spinach & cabbage type of plants and I’m giving them a try and will be ready to stick them in the garden by the middle of March if not a week or so earlier.

  2. Jill Pearce says:

    Try sprinkling a little epsom salts in the hole when you plant next year. We are overrun with tomatoes and everyone I cross paths with at the moment gets a bag to take home.

  3. Jill Pearce says:

    Try sprinkling a little epsom salts in the hole when you plant tomatoes next year. I am overrun with tomatoes this year from only a few plants, so all my friends get some to take home.

  4. I have bowls of tomatoes in the fridge to make into sauce. I’ve already made two batches. Buy a Gro Bag from Bunnings, add a bag of soil and plant a tomato plant. Ours have ended up 6′ tall. Never got a result like this growing them in the garden.

  5. Susie Q says:

    While I do get more than three tomatoes, the success is not as great as I imagine in spring when planting.

  6. Carrolyn v says:

    We got tired of growing vegetables for the deer who always got EVErYTHING no matter our fence….I am impressed with your three. Three more than we ever got!!

  7. Annie Gunn says:

    Hi Meredithe, i currently have zucchinis, spinich, egg plant, lettuce, beetroot, herbs, capsicum & tomatoes. I picked all of my tomatoes green yesterday as i will be away for 3 weeks having more surgery, so didn’t want to come home to ripe tomatoes, full of fruit fly. They made lovely green tomato pickles (my old grannies recipe). All of the rest of the vegies grow well here only 250 metres from the ocean. It really doesn’t save you any $’s by growing your own though i am sure, by the time you buy the plants, nuture the soil and water them. It does give you a sense of satisfaction to pick your own though. Love the sound of the gro bag that one of your other ladies mentioned. I invested in three above ground raised corrugated garden beds (600mms) a few years ago and they are fantastic for aging bodies. A friend of mine said that they were so expensive and probably wouldn’t last 20 years – I replied that perhaps I probably won’t be lasting that long either! Cheers, annie

  8. Judy says:

    Hi Meredith, I would have chosen the sandwich, so good with fresh tomatoes on them. Yes, we garden here in the woods. We have 43 year round residents in our little community and this year we are establishing a community garden. We live at 5000′ elevation so we try to find short season crops, especially love growing greens of all kinds. You can be proud of those two tomatoes!!

  9. Been a terrible year for tomatoes here in Auckland for me as well. Usually really good. Sometimes it’s like that so don’t despair there is always next year ! 🙂

  10. Annie Andrews says:

    I’m giving up, if you add up the cost of growing and the result it’s not worth it, though my daughter and I used to do really well.

  11. I have grown lots of veggies and fruit in the past – but not tomatoes, as of course, I don’t like them (I just buy them for Malcolm). One year I grew so many courgettes that people were running and hiding when they saw me, in case I gave them another kilo or two!!

  12. The best I’ve managed is a few straggly herbs!

  13. treadlemusic says:

    I’m not a gardener these days, but your “harvest” does look vaguely familiar (like it could be mine!!). Years ago I was much more successful before this quilting obsession, er…..passion, grabbed on!!!! LOL!!!!

  14. Miss E says:

    I always ‘try’ to grow some vegies. It justifies the existence of the compost bins, if nothing else. Here in the ‘burbs we have to share with the occasional bush rat. I like planting cherry tomatoes as I’ve found they ripen more easily than the larger ones (and can be picked when yellow to ripen indoors). I’ve had some success with a ‘cascading’ cherry tomato this year – it grows down like a fountain over the edge of the pot. The green beans have done well this year, and I have silverbeet on the go year-round (the bunnies eat if if the humans won’t). I’ve had no success with courgettes or cucumbers in recent years so didn’t bother! Time-consuming but fun.

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