Sewjourn – part 2

When we left the studio the evening before, we noticed the cactus about to flower

20160214-092305.jpgand by yesterday morning


I was up early to go for a walk, and the sky was deep pink, but by the time I got out my camera it was already fading

20160214-092443.jpgnevertheless heralding what was to be a very hot day.

But that was ok, as we were ensconced in the air-conditioned studio, stitching away to our hearts’ content!

Heather’s stars grew from


20160214-093904.jpgJanine’s circles multiplied


20160214-094320.jpgCarolyn is working on Judy Newman’s “Sugar Plum” quilt cutting lots

20160214-094856.jpgfor her blocks

20160214-095115.jpgGJ stitched the Battenburg Lace tea set pieces that she bought on Friday onto a work bag

20160214-095258.jpgand Fleur is stitching Steampunk blocks.

20160214-095400.jpgThe previous evening, after finishing my Schoolhouse Tunic, I cut out for an Esme Top. It’s been a long time since I did any serious dressmaking…………Poor Maree! I think I must have been the worst student – she was concentrating on helping me so much she made not just one goof

20160214-095856.jpgbut two!!

20160214-095941.jpgEventually Esme was finished (and Maree’s block was fixed!), except for the buttons down the front, and Heather had been busy using some of my scraps to cover her little work bag – the perfect match for it!

20160214-100136.jpgThen GJ found some beautiful mother of pearl buttons in her stash – and she gave them to me! Thank you GJ!

20160214-100308.jpgSo with Esme done, two lots of dressmaking garments under my belt, and full of enthusiasm (and much to Maree’s trepidation!!), I embarked on another Schoolhouse and by 10.30 last night……..

20160214-100558.jpg(and I didn’t need much help at all!). We’re planning a “fashion shoot” today!! Should be fun!

Meals again were scrumptious; lunch

20160214-100824.jpgand dinner

20160214-100905.jpgIn the afternoon I wandered the garden

20160214-100942.jpgMore cactus flowers came out during the day

20160214-101117.jpgAs dusk fell there were cockies in the paddock

20160214-101229.jpgand I caught the last of the sunset reflected in the east sky.

Anyone for a stitch?

More again tomorrow!

Meredithe x

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8 Responses to Sewjourn – part 2

  1. Irene Blanck says:

    Next time I visit I’m going to bring my toothbrush, extra undies and sewing!! You all look like you’re having a fab time – so much work done!! Would have loved to have had dinner with you last night but just couldn’t make it.

  2. Ann Ireland says:

    Looks like a lovely weekend, and very productive.

  3. Carole Minihan says:

    Very productive weekend, the cactus flowers are beautiful, thank you for sharing Meredithe

  4. All the usual, and a fabulous sky, and a fashion shoot too!

  5. Judy says:

    So much to take in…love the two blue wicker chairs!

  6. Princess Burke says:

    You probably had a great weekend. Love your art work.

  7. Meredithe, I believe that yellow cactus is called Night Blooming Cyrus or somesuch. Because, as you found out it blooms at night. I remember last summer taking a moonlit walk to get a pic of them blooming on our driveway. It looks like you and your ladies had fun again! Great pics!!

  8. I need that Battenburg Lace tea thing gorgeous and the turquoise chairs! I can certainly imagine quilting up a storm in those. The food is as usual so inspiring!!!

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