Class show and tell


Carol is about to start, well, has actually started a new quilt, Dancing Dollies, and these are a few blocks from it

20160211-212500.jpgshe’s also laying out her border for GTSW

20160211-214415.jpgKaren is designing a quilt and has started with these blocks

20160211-212543.jpgPaula had all her star blades made

20160211-212641.jpgand by the end of class they were all sewn together!

20160211-212758.jpgAnne-Maree came with her finished quilt top

20160211-212923.jpgand is now making these blocks

20160211-213007.jpgAdrienne has finished her Gypsy Wife!

20160211-213200.jpgand is working on this centre piece

20160211-214602.jpgJenny has looooots of bits made

20160211-213301.jpgLois cut out loooooots of squares

20160211-213815.jpgAnne-Marie sorted and stuck all her hearts

20160211-213858.jpgDeirdre cut and stitched a star

20160211-214007.jpgEllen finished another border ready to sew on

20160211-214113.jpgand Pearl came without her sewing machine again, and cut and started hand piecing a star



Marilyn has gone circle crazy

20160211-214742.jpgFiona is making tiny circles

20160211-214928.jpgJosephine has been busy with her hexagons

20160211-215021.jpgNanette was cutting diamonds

20160211-215135.jpgJane was making stars

20160211-215226.jpgPeggy put more borders on

20160211-215345.jpgLorraine did lots of appliqué

20160211-215505.jpgand Sue 1 started appliquéing her centre and we laid out some hexies to see how they’d look.

20160211-215558.jpgKaren has quilted this for Susan to give as a wedding gift

20160211-215827.jpgAnd, Karen has in this wonderfully gorgeous fabric from Victoria Findlay Wolfe which I just luuuuuurve!

Sadly, this was my last set of classes at Somerset Patchwork. After a 16 year association with the shop, it’s time for me to move on. I’ve so enjoyed teaching these students, watching them grow in confidence and with their skills. It’s been such fun. So this is my last post from these students.

Meredithe x

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12 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. Sue Whitburn says:

    Heard your news today- sad but also exciting to look at new adventures xx

  2. Cécile says:

    So sorry to hear about that M !…. No doubt your students had a great and wonderful teacher !
    And what I love in all these beautiful projects is that there is traditional and modern !
    For all the quilters !
    Big hugs !

  3. The Somerset ladies will miss you! The standard and variety in their work is amazing. Hope you enjoy whatever you are moving on to. Best wishes.

  4. Quilter 501 says:

    Say it isn’t so! I love their projects and your posts from them! I am just hopeful that even better project posts are to come…although I am not sure that is possible! You and your students are always such an inspiration!

  5. My goodness, what a finale to your teaching there, though!

  6. audrey says:

    So much variety and inspiration! You will no doubt be sorely missed.:)

  7. Your ladies will miss you – and we will miss seeing all their fabulous projects!

  8. Kyle says:

    I’ll miss seeing all of the class work and inspritstion, but I’m sure you have some good things planned for the future.

  9. Aileen says:

    I love catching up with the projects from your classes, so I’m sad there won’t be any more of them from this group. All lovely work, but Josephine’s rosettes are just stunning 😍

  10. AnneE says:

    I have been watching the progress on Sue 1’s quilt and loving it. Is it a pattern? or has it evolved as it has gone along?

  11. Judy says:

    So sorry to hear this, the Somerset quilters have been so inspiring. Thank you for all of the beautiful photos you have posted. Their work is so amazing it makes me dizzy!

  12. Chookyblue says:

    wow 16 years is a long time to teach in one spot…… seeing all the class will be sad not to keep seeing what the girls are working on………so inspiring………….

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