Squealers is back too!

As always we had a shared afternoon tea and a surprising number of Squealers brought fruit (obviously we’re all on a health kick after bingeing over Christmas!) and even more surprisingly none of it was duplicated.

20160206-212313.jpgHelen is working on the last block of her appliqué and this is the sashing between the blocks

20160206-212430.jpgand for something diametrically opposed, Helen is also working on this Japanese style appliqué

20160206-212534.jpgMrs Mac has been hand quilting, between hot spells

20160206-212612.jpgand when it’s too hot for quilting, she’s been piecing

20160206-212640.jpgAndrea is travelling overseas this year and is making this as a gift to take

20160206-212832.jpgKaye is cutting appliqué shapes from Liberty fabrics and feed sacks

20160206-212908.jpgMiss V was knitting for a grandchild

20160206-212934.jpgand Miss E was knitting for a friend’s child

20160206-213016.jpgMaree quickly sewed buttons on to complete this shirt

20160206-213053.jpgbefore playing with some gifted feed sack diamonds

20160206-213139.jpghmm, not enough so substitutes will have to be made – in the best spirit of make do and mend.

Helen’s gorgeous granddaughter Miss J was with us too and she started making a monster

20160206-213303.jpgand if only Granny had remembered the glue he would have been finished!

20160206-213345.jpgInstead Miss J drew Granny a picture with her new pencil set.

20160206-213454.jpgAnd while we stitched we solved the problems of the world! Such a fun day.

Meredithe x

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6 Responses to Squealers

  1. Chas Spain says:

    The monster is fab and the food looked truly delicious too

  2. Sue Whitburn says:

    Sounds like a lovely day- sorry I missed it, – next time maybe 😊

  3. Quilter 501 says:

    Oh how wonderful to have a stitching grandchild……and sewing cards….such fond memories of my own dear grandmother were brought back! Once at one of our day retreats, a friend’s granddaughter , about eight, was there with her little machine. She came to me….granny was busy…..and asked me if I could show her how to put a little box of fabric inside a bigger box. I then realized she had no concept of bordering a square. It was so delightful to watch her eyes light up when I showed her the concept of sewing a strip on each side one at a time. Fun, fun!

  4. Judy says:

    Such awesomeness, especially love Helen’s new Japanese work in progress, so delicate. All that fresh fruit made me hungry…was that a little plate of shortbread I spied?

  5. …And a wonderful time was had by all!

  6. Andrea says:

    Fab day and I was helped with colours and layout of kids quilt, thanks Miss M your a Star!!!

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