Class show and tell

Classes are back for 2016! Here we go……..


We had some great show and tell with quilts/quilt tops; Jenny finished her 1930’s top

20160204-153331.jpgEllen finished this EPP top

20160204-153407.jpgand Sue 3 has her GTSB quilt done!

20160204-153604.jpgand Sue also participated in Summer School and is up to making these blocks

20160204-181020.jpgPaula spent part of the holidays piecing her diamonds

20160204-153013.jpgLook how they’re going to make up

20160204-153040.jpgLois found this handy container at the supermarket

20160204-153928.jpgand she spent some time cutting out for not one, but two new quilts

20160204-154036.jpgAfter Summer School, Pearl is a convertee to hand piecing – yay! – and she cut out lots of blocks

20160204-154208.jpgJenny had more fun with her stars

20160204-154243.jpgAnne-Marie was drawing and pressing to her “heart’s content”

20160204-154339.jpgEllen stitched on another border

20160204-154410.jpgCarole started adding borders and laying out her appliqué on her GTSB

20160204-154532.jpgand Adrienne’s stitching more long bits



The Thursday girls had some finishes over the holidays too; Lorraine finished this quilt top

20160204-181231.jpgand Marilyn this one

20160204-181305.jpgMarilyn has also garnered these fabulous feed sacks

20160204-181336.jpgand wants to start the “Circle a Day” project, so we thought they might go together…….somehow (we’ll work it out along the way!), so we started with a lesson in circles

20160204-181518.jpgJane went to Summer School too and has these blocks

20160204-181622.jpgand worked on these in class

20160204-182232.jpgFiona did too and has these

20160204-181659.jpgSue 1 has her blocks made

20160204-181730.jpgand we started work on her centre

20160204-181821.jpgJosephine has been busy with hexies

20160204-181907.jpgSue 2 has tried her hand at free motion appliqué and quilting

20160204-182014.jpgand was working on these blocks in class

20160204-182102.jpgand Peggy cut borders and sewed the first of them on, mitring the corners.


Meredithe x

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7 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. I do enjoy your Show and Tells from your groups. So diverse, so many different ideas and styles. Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Oh my – as I scrolled down, I kept thinking I must comment on that one, I must comment of that one. What a cornucopia of wonderful projects …… I just can’t pick a winner of the gold star today, but I do love Lois’s fabrics and of course anything involving hexies!!

  3. helen says:

    You are all very prolific quilters! Wow! It is very inspiring!
    I am intrigued by Adrienne’s project, would like to know more about it.
    Best wishes!

  4. What a proliferation of production! My, your girls work hard!

  5. treadlemusic says:

    I’m with “frayed at the edge”! I don’t know which to comment on, they’re ALL amazing! I’m drawn to Paula and Pearl’s especially (must be a “color thing”!). Thanks so much for sharing………again!!!!!

  6. Suzanne says:

    I concur with the other commenters. So much to see! I do like that background fabric with the New York City map. Does anyone know the line? Great neutral background for those bright colors!

  7. Cécile says:

    Oh la la ! Wonderful post as usual M with wonderful projects! Bravo ladies !

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