Sewing room love

Can I just tell you that I’m love, love, loving my reorganised sewing room? I’m so inspired to sew, feeling so creative and wanting to be in there every minute of the day (if only that were possible!!) and, more importantly, I’m achieving.

Yesterday I finished another p and c secret sewing quilt top, made up backings for two quilts and today I dropped them both off at the quilters…………. “happy dance”!

20160127-192835.jpgThis afternoon I opened the box on another (secret sewing) project, put what was there on the design wall, and cut out and stitched up the remaining blocks. It shall sit overnight and I’ll review colour placements tomorrow, start on a little appliqué and add a little embroidery so it should soon be together too.

And can you believe it, the “newness” is still so in place that I’m cleaning up the workspace, putting everything away, and covering my machine every evening (we shall see how long this process lasts!!). I can’t remember if I’ve shown you my new cutting table all set up, so here ’tis

20160127-193438.jpg(Pink spotty bucket from Officeworks a few years ago, neatly holds cutters, pencil and little ruler; recipe holder from don’t know where, handy for cutting instructions; ruler holders from Victorian Textiles – ask your local store to get them in; fabric rubbish bin a present from a friend a few years ago, perfect for little offcuts and snippets – thanks Bonnie). I find I can cut and prep and pin so easily at this table, and my back no longer aches (more happy dancing) so it’s a big win!

With all this progress I felt quite justified in making another little “Sweethearts” block.


Meredithe x

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13 Responses to Sewing room love

  1. Helen F says:

    It soooo makes a difference when you have a TIDY sewing room!!! You feel more inspired! LUUUV your new table is it finally screwed together?? You have your mojo back well and truly!! Go M!!!!

  2. thimbleanna says:

    Can you please come and clean up my mess??? Your new cutting table looks so clean. And – of course, I love that sweet block – BEES!!!!

  3. Quilter 501 says:

    No trying to get me to use DISCIPLINE to clean up my sewing space….although it looks divine! (Choke! choke…not the chicken kind!). I am INDULGING myself with another cup of coffee and starting another UFO! Can’t wait to see those secret projects! Sighhhhhhh…..secretly wishing I were more organized!

  4. Judy says:

    Now that looks like a very productive little spot. What is the size of the new table?

  5. Annie Andrews says:

    I’m a little green

  6. My goodness me, you are having fun, aren’t you!

  7. Looking good, Sis!! It’s definitely easier to work when the table is tidy, and you don’t have to keep moving things out of the way. Looking forward to seeing all this secret sewing!!

  8. audrey says:

    So very nice for you! It’s probably hard to leave the room and go do other things.:)

  9. Kyle says:

    It’s fun how an organized work space to cause one to be productive. I might have to follow your lead.

  10. Hi Meredithe great ‘ Sweetheart block’. The colors are perfecttogether and the I love those bees!

  11. Kerry says:

    I think you need to do a ‘Sewing room tidy up’ tutorial so we can all pick up some good hints on how we too can have a creative space!

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