Sweethearts at 10

In December I booked in to do a class (so well before “discipline”!) at Somerset’s Summer School with <a href="http://Susan Ambrose. So yesterday, with bags in tow I spent the day, yes, the whole day, in fact 12 hours worth as the class went from 10.00am to 10.00pm, in the company of a group of mad, crazy, insane, lunatics delightful women!

Do you remember “sweetheart” lollies?

20160124-152620.jpgThose sweets where every one taken from the roll revealed another little sweetheart with a saying? They still make them

20160124-152740.jpgalbeit in different packaging these day, but in making this latest quilt, Susan was reminded of these lollies. She’s such a clever designer and it’s a very “sweet” quilt.

I quickly had my fabrics out, pieces chosen and the first block cut out

20160124-153411.jpgthen stitched up.

20160124-153451.jpgTime was marching by but my fingers were flying and soon three more were completed



20160124-153552.jpgSummer School has been going on for a couple of weeks and some of my class mates were repeat offenders returning students and were working on other Summer School projects as well as “Sweethearts”.

Chris was trying her hand at appliqué

20160124-153909.jpgSandra has these blocks made for Susan’s other new creation “Piece and Plenty”

20160124-154029.jpgand is the owner of these sewing accoutrements

20160124-154142.jpgand I think these are Sandra’s “Sweetheart” blocks so far

Lois has lots of her blocks made too

Jane is slowly learning the joys of appliqué too

20160124-154430.jpgthis is Bev’s

20160124-154554.jpgand Ros’s

20160124-154615.jpgSusanne was getting a block ready, so I placed her very cute pin cushion in the centre instead

20160124-154709.jpgPearl entered the world of hand piecing

20160124-154745.jpgthis is Annemarie’s

20160124-154821.jpgthese are Lisa’s stars

20160124-154952.jpgand Wendy’s “Sweetheart” blocks (which she’s machined)

20160124-155105.jpgAs i said before, these women were every so slightly crazy and there was much chatter, prattle, silliness and laughter. At one stage Susanne someone was so caught up in the hilarity that she made a bit of an oops…..!!

20160124-155201.jpgKaren provided a delicious lunch, but by the time I remember to take a snap, this was all that remained

20160124-155306.jpgfollowed by a yummy fruit salad

20160124-155348.jpgAfter lunch Sue arrived to join the class; here are her blocks

20160124-155435.jpgand she brought her sister Marg along, who decided to give paper piecing a try

20160124-155517.jpgMarg is from interstate and was delighted to be at Somerset and able to shop…….I spotted her purchases underneath her chair

20160124-155708.jpgThe afternoon flew by and soon turned into evening; some took advantage of the close proximity of the fish and chip shop, others placed an order with a nearby noodle shop. Here’s what the others ate for dinner (I virtuously ate chicken and salad brought from home – discipline! Can you see my halo shining?)

20160124-160013.jpgSome people chose to stitch on other projects too; Annemarie has these beautiful blocks called “Provence” designed by a lady called Veronica

20160124-160217.jpgAdrienne took advantage of the time to do some prep work on another project

20160124-154527.jpgElisa was working on a stunning version of “La Passacaglia”

20160124-154923.jpgJane also had her “Circle of Sisters” block from Summer School

20160124-160538.jpgand Elisa was also working on these delightful blocks

20160124-160618.jpgWhat’s that? The little cup up the back? Isn’t it sweet? It’s a tiny pin cushion made from Liberty “Alice in Wonderland” fabric

20160124-160715.jpgAfter doing the rounds of her students for much of the day, Susan was finally able to join us and is working on 8-pointed stars

20160124-160756.jpgI wonder what gorgeous new quilt will be the result?

By night’s end I had seven blocks made

20160124-161019.jpgand pretty pleased with them I am too! (Of course, all I want to do now is sew “Sweetheart” blocks………But – Discipline!!). I cannot believe how quickly the day went yesterday. Why does time always fly by when it’s a sewing day?

Hope you’re having a productive weekend too, lovelies!

Meredithe x

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16 Responses to Sweethearts at 10

  1. Chookyblue says:

    summer school sounds wonderful…………and looks very productive…………

  2. Quilter 501 says:

    I am speechless! Another totally unbelievable day of stitching and eating! We are digging out once again from horrible storms this winter all over the U.S. We have no place to push the new snow with the tractor any more……….and now taking it off the creaking roofs is a priority! Afternoons of stitching are a vague memory!….hopefully to be enjoyed again in reality and not just vicariously through your awesome blog!

  3. Annie Andrews says:


  4. What beautiful blocks. It sounds like a lot of fun. Who knows? I might be able to do some quilting in Canada, finger crossed!

  5. Cocopatch says:

    wow! a great production!!

  6. Karen Goad says:

    your blocks are all so nice – a 12 hour class – wow you must have been busy. I love all those rows of blocks – I imagine they will go in “row” quilts love your colors and your designs

  7. Cécile says:

    Oh my…..Meredith what a wonderful post ! Thank you for sharing all these beauties and beautiful blocks ! Great work ladies !

  8. All the way through, I kept thinking I must mention that this person, then that person, but there is so much fabulous work, I can’t really single out anyone – so I’ll just say it’s all fabulous!!

  9. The work fairly flew along, didn’t it!

  10. Judy says:

    Truly amazing. You girls have the absolute best stash! Will be looking for progress on those Sweetheart quilts. Wonderful photos.

  11. Pat Mosley says:

    Always enjoy seeing all the different WIP’s (works in progress). Inspiring! Miss our sewing group more and more, the shop closed. More fun sewing together, isn’t it?

  12. I remember those sweets! How wonderful to go away and sew with friends! What gorgeous things you all make……. I’m very envious! Jenny xxx

  13. Linda Dutch says:

    Lots of lovely work happening, very inspiring! I too was looking at the fabrics, great stash between you all! Sort of vintage-y, repro, rather than all out modern, yes?

  14. Helen F says:

    DISCIPLINE – if you machine pieced it, it would be finished quicker!!! Its looks like a square dogs breakfast – I like it!! glad you had a good day

  15. thimbleanna says:

    Wow — your posts are always so full of the most delicious fabric eye candy!!! I love those sweet little blocks that you’re putting together. And it looks like everyone is working on such beautiful quilts — oh, to be surrounded by so much inspiration!!!

  16. Oodles of gorgeousness here!! I LOVE the circle of sisters!! Your blocks look lovely together :0)

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