Squishy parcels

There’s been a spate of squishy parcels this week.

The first was hand delivered by GJ with the fabrics coming from l’uccello

The second is Fabric Club from Treehouse Textiles

And the third is an extremely special squishy parcel; one of my readers, Annie, offered to go through her old Liberty fabrics and send some to me for my Quilty365 circles, along with a Liberty tag and a sweet note.

20160121-134829.jpgAren’t they gorgeous? Such a huge pile of them……..so many I haven’t seen before……it’s been very exciting going through them! There are doubles of some so I can share them with GJ. I now have more than enough for this project. Thank you so much Annie!

Meredithe x

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11 Responses to Squishy parcels

  1. Helen F says:

    NIIIICE M !!!!!

  2. Jill Dearing says:

    Recognise some of those liberties – had a couple of shirts out of them and they are also part of my double wedding ring quilt.

  3. Judy says:

    What a dear sweet friend your Annie is. This little circle quilt will be ever so special.

  4. Carole Minihan says:

    Lovely fabrics, how special for a friend to send such special fabrics

  5. Gorgeous fabrics – I never did make it to l’uccello (next time!!). I found the fabric I bought in Treehouse yesterday, when I was looking out the fabrics for the stitcheries.
    Have a good weekend, your loving Sis xx

  6. Lucy says:

    Hello Meredithe

    I have finally caught up on reading my blogs, yours being one of them. I must say, as well enjoying your stories of your crafting, sewing, making, eating adventures, I am really loving your pics. Especially of all the gorgeous fabrics you and your crafty friends are sewing with. I could stare at pretty fabric all day long and if I go into a haberdashery, it takes all the will in the world (discipline!) to leave with perhaps just one treat! You are giving me my fix without knowing it, so thank you and keep them coming please!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  7. Cécile says:

    Fantastic fabrics M !

  8. You’re going to have a wonderful time with them all, aren’t you!

  9. what a beautiful selection of fabrics,lucky you 🙂

  10. Annie Gunn says:

    Glad you like your liberty squishy parcel Meredithe. It was a pleasure to share some with you. Glad I cut them all out neatly and ironed them as well, as I didn’t realise that they would be part of a post on your blog. Since reaqauinting myself with the Liberty stash last week, I have started a fabric journal for my grandaugter’s 13th birthday. Loving the results so far – it really is a superior fabric and so nice to work with. Enjoy!

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